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    Recording terms

    So a friend and I was talking about a program that was on tonight, she said "oh yeah, I taped it". And just wondering if anyone else uses that term? I know I do, I wonder if it's an age thing.
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    I use 'record', I'm 34.
    Just asked wife, she says 'dvr it'

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    I still say "Tape it." I grew up in the 80s when VCRs where pretty much it.

    My wife says "DVR it," but she watches more TV than I do (which is close to none).

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    I just say record... because I don't re use words that don't belong... like people who use the word "Troll" when someone is sharing their opposing view "YOU'RE WRONG, YOU'RE A TROLL YOU STUPID TROLL!!!"

    Nah, I just say record... it doesn't seem right to say tape... because there's no tape.
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    i usually say record. occasionally i say "tivo it", even though ive never owned a tivo. no idea why

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    I usually say "saved it" or "recorded it".
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