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    Relic of Xuen in relation to stat weights

    link to the trinket

    "When you deliver a melee or ranged critical strike, you have a chance to gain Blessing of the Celestials, increasing your Agility by 3,027 for 15 seconds."

    Does this increase the value of Crit for Combat and Assassination at all? (or enough to put it over the top of other stats?)
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    i doubt it, we are hitting more than often enough to where it wouldn't shift it more than a few seconds.

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    With crit as far behind as it is (8-10%), a (slight) increase in its value won't be noticeable (pushing it ahead of other stats) for any spec unless I've really underestimated the difficulty in getting it to proc. The major downtime for the relic SHOULD be the ICD, not "getting it to proc" as even with an extremely low proc rate, we should land one often enough to make getting slightly more worth jack all (~20% crit rate, maximum reforging suggests ~24% possible. Yeah. no).

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    mine procs noticibly often. we've cleared all the normal modes so there will be no raising till tuesday for me. i think the max uptime was around 27.27% (15 up every 55). the expected uptime would be more around 25%. ill be able to see on the logs for a fight where i stay mostly on the boss and see if my low crit chance (like 17%ish iirc? im at work atm) gives an abysmally low uptime.

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