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    Post your armory, talk about what gear you're getting, best preraid gear for Priests!

    Just a little thread, was wondering people's opinions on stuff.
    Maybe someone could gimme some tips, and respond to others with gearing, and your experience of where to get the best gear possible, since it's a new expansion.

    (Priests only, of course!)


    So with my first raid on Monday, I'm pretty much on my way.
    By that time I'll have my Tailoring chest and gloves.

    Other than that, I really, desperately need some spirit shoulders (hopefully those ones from the Weaponsmaster guy, but any will do.)
    Some other bracers would be nice to.

    Mostly though, at best I want Price Of Progress or the other spirit cooldown (can't remember what its called) as I really need to replace Heart Of Unliving.

    Also, I've used a crit meta gem in my head, has anyone been using the max mana one?

    I have a decent HC staff atm, but since I have the spirit mace in my bags I might make the Inscription offhand for myself.

    And lastly, I know my legs are shadow, but they dropped off the Sha Of Anger and they might be an upgrade until I get my healing tier.

    Any advice?
    What have you been doing to gear up?
    What piece do you desperately need?
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    Help yourself before you want others to help you.

    Enchants are super cheap and easy this expansion, most of your gear you haven't bothered to enchant so dont want to succeed enough to be worth helping.

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    I geared up pretty quickly...

    I got to honored with GL on Tuesday morning and was able to grab my 476 chest and hands from that. I ran chain heroics to get full 463 as a base. Did Sha of Anger and got the 476 boots he drops for everyone. Got really lucky on Galleon and got a 493 ring and a neck on the bonus roll from a charm. Then was able to use a charm when we killed the Stone Guards Tue night and picked up some legs from that. So all I all, I'm feeling pretty good. Unfortunately, the rest of my raid group hasn't been so proactive and/or lucky, and it seems ill be waiting a few days to kill more bosses while they gear up

    I have a couple of items in heroic that I'd like to still grab - int trinket in GSS. It took me 10 tries to get an off hand from The Brewery, off hands seem hard to come by... Might try to grab the 476 OH from a scribe.
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    A better expansion.

    I was getting screwed first day or two with crap drops. I guess perseverance pays off because I'm pretty much pre raid BiS.

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