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    [H] Vanguard (25 man) 1/6 EU Kazzak

    Vanguard (25man) 2/6 (Update) has already been established as one of the big names on kazzak during Wotlk days within Ulduar times, the guild disbanded and was reformed towards the end of Cata, Clearing 8/8 HC DS very fast on 10 man.

    With Pandaria opening and that fact Vanguard re-established itself with the potential to become a dominant raiding team again, many core raiders continued to rejoin and currently Vanguard continues to expand to become a 25 man team of gifted, talented and brained raiders. Furthermore due to previous success and a good community the old core and old school players have rejoined Vanguard to a competitive and focused raiding environment.

    To give you more information on our guild, our core players have experienced the top flight of raiding within top 100 guilds (such as Slashcry, Showdown and Last Resort to name only a few) in previous expansions, including the guild master who is renowned for great leadership skills during raids and will expect the very best from each raider no matter what rank or class they are.

    Vanguard are still searching for top calibre players of any class so that we can continue actively progressing in 25mans and be competitive in heroic kills, whilst maintaining a social/working life.

    WE RAID: WEDNESDAYs, THURSDAYs, (SUNDAYs) 19-23pm server time and optional other content / alt raids.

    What we expect.

    -Consistently able to attend 3/3 raids per week- we strive to continually use the same team in 25 man raiding.

    - Previous raiding experience. Bonus points for TBC semi hardcore raiding, ulduar hardmodes, ICC Hc's. As well as cata HC's pre FL.

    - Extensive knowledge of your class. The guild wants to progress fast in 4.3. Also continual improvement / discussion/ sharing of knowledge.

    - Links to World of logs of your dps, healing done etc on recent fights- and the knowledge of how to improve your dps or healing done for specific fights.

    - Correct attitude for raiding. Accepting constructive criticism. Not causing drama in guild chat or over things in raid. Being able to communicate VIA ventrilo when necessary etc.

    - Also the DETERMINATION to push the heroicmodes

    What you should expect

    - A raiding environment that you can really bring your 'A' game

    - A raiding roster with great history and focus on current raiding and beyond

    - Ambition and drive to always push and improve as well as a competitive yet good atmosphere in guild

    WHERE to APPLY : Whisper / In game mail to officers (Current) EU KAZZAK or PM via mmo champion/ wow forums. (NO website as of yet sorry!)

    FOR MORE INFORMATION WHISPER in-game to Athea or Mcown or any of the other officers on EU-Kazzak
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