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    Uncommon talent as a Feral dps in raid and Heroic.

    Talent: Dream of Cenarius : When you cast healing touch, your next 2 melee abilities does 25% more damage.

    Skill:Predatory Swiftness : Finishing move have 20% chance per combo point to make your next healing touch instant/free and castable in cat form.

    Talent: Soul of the forest: Finishing move grant 4 energy per combo point (25 at max).

    -"Soul of the forest: SotF" instead of "Incarnation"
    -"Dream of Cenarius: DoC"with Predatory swiftness instead of "Nature's vigil".

    I find it extremely useful to have constant DPS versus All-burst kind of approach. You have to shift your play style around and overlap 5 point finishing move on top of each other to proc the heal/25% dmg. Example; casting Savage Roar while it has 30 sec left/ same with Rip. I'm confident enough to say that DoC is way better than Nature's vigil giving the amount of proc it does, and you don't even need 5 combo point to proc it. And, it forces you to heal yourself freeing that charge of the healers. You need SotF to keep up the energy flowing and just keep spamming +25% dmg abilities all fight long, and it allows you to do Ferocious Bite without gimping your energy too much. You can keep a 25% dmg increase Rip and Rake all fight long if you're good enough with chaining things.

    On the contrary, the damage output given with Incarnation+Berserk+Nature's vigil is too high... WAY too high. You're a damaging god for 15 second, and a demi-god for the other last 15 sec. But, having tried the "uncommon" talents, it feels like you're a wuss while waiting for cooldowns.

    After trying both way of "Talenting" yourself, i'm leaning toward the SotF and DoC way.

    Has anyone else tried both way ?
    What are your thinking about these talent ?

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    Don't forget about Nature's Swiftness, giving an instant Healing Touch.

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