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    Avoided hits still count for vengeance.
    Be careful when you read that, avoided hits (in our case Dodge/Miss) extend our current value of Vengeance, it doesn't increase it. Therefore, if you jump into a pull, pop SD, and dodge the first couple of attacks, you extend your current Vengeance... if you started at zero Vengeance, you'll be at zero after avoiding those attacks. You need that one initial hit to give your Vengeance a large boost, then avoiding attacks is less detrimental to your threat.

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    I've only had a couple issues with threat so far, usually in AoE against prot Warrior. But that's probably just me being awful. Otherwise I have a hard time staying lower on threat when I'm not currently tanking.

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    Yesterday had my hands on 489 weapon. All threat issues are blown away same moment. We are very dependant on weapons dps stat after all while other classes can bust thir str.
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    No, overall our damage seems to be significantly higher than that on other tanks.
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