So I was discussing last night my opinions about dungeons, dailies, and the same things that everyone rants about currently with MoP. Don't get me wrong, MoP has done some fantastic improvements, but at the same time feels like a few steps backwards have been taken. Among those is the 'requirement' of dailies, for both VP and rep. The other issue I have is dungeons. Too few VP and JP, no rep. If you don't need loot, you probably won't do dungeons. In Cata, I didn't need VP, JP, or Loot, but I still did them for rep. My solution? Pick a reward when you queue.

-Pick VP/JP, you get an increased amount of VP/JP, but are ineligible for all loot.
-Pick Loot, you get access to loot, but no VP/JP (or a reduced amount)
-Pick Rep, you get faction rep (like tabards), but no or little VP/JP or loot.

I imagine all of these could give the token gold, or maybe even have a "Gold Only" option, as an alternative to dailies.