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    Unhappy [A] The Nephilim 5/16 HC 25m, recruiting dps and healers


    We are a semi-hardcore international 25-man raiding guild on the Alliance side of Neptulon, EU.

    We raid four nights a week – Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays, between 20.15 and 23.30 server time. Many of us also enjoy raiding on several alts, chase achievements or do PvP, so there is always something to do outside of raid times.

    The guild was founded during TBC on Talnivarr EU and cleared most of that content. During WotLK we transferred to Neptulon due to the alliance side being rather dead on Talnivarr and here we intend to remain.

    In Wrath of the Lich King we cleared everything possible except LK25hc, Anub'Arak 25hc, Halion 25hc and Algalon 25.

    The expansion we now leave behind us, Cataclysm, was in retrospect a successful one for us. It started out slow during T11 since we lost around 40 raiding members between the Cata launch and Easter, and good replacements were hard to find during this time when WoW lost many of its subscribers. We cleared all normal modes, and went on to down 9/13 HC in mixed 25m/10m.

    For Firelands we recruited more skilled players and again went raiding 25-man exclusively. There we reached 4/7 HC pre nerf, including a very challenging Beth'tilac HC, and quickly cleared up the remaining hardmodes (Alysrazor and Baleroc) before Ragnaros during the first reset after this somewhat premature nerf. Ragnaros himself proved to be the hardest challenge we had faced so far, and unfortunately he refused to succumb to us before Deathwing arrived.

    Dragon Soul we then cleared entirely. Spine HC did provide a slight roadblock, but once it broke Madness HC fell shortly after, needing only 7 pulls. Then followed a time of mount farming and slacking while waiting for the next expansion which is now upon us.

    So far in MoP we have all 16 normal bosses on farm, with 2 HCs down so far. With Sha of Fear downed recently we will now start focused HC progression.

    From our raiders we demand a minimum of 75% attendance. We expect you to be mature and serious about your raiding and as eager for progress as we are. To join us you must also have good knowledge of your class and be performing at a high level. Gemming, reforging, enchanting correctly etc. goes without saying.

    You must also acknowledge a few facts that are vital to all raiders in The Nephilim:

    * Gnomes are lesser beings and should be made fun of at all times. Especially if they have pink hair.
    * Leap of Faith, HoP and similar abilities should always be used to annoy rogues.
    * /cancelaura macros are not allowed if you are a rogue.
    * Never do elevator-bosses on heroic! The fights are always too unforgiving, and the loot is crap.
    * Having a good atmosphere, laughing and having fun with your raiding friends is almost as important as killing stuff and getting purples.

    If you think we might be your cup of tea, and vice versa, then we are currently looking for the following classes:

    Death Knights: Open for DPS
    Druids: Open for feral and resto
    Hunters: Open
    Mages: Open
    Paladins: Open for holy and ret
    Priests: Open for shadow
    Rogues: Open
    Shamans: Open for elemental and resto
    Warlocks: Open
    Warriors: Closed
    Monks: Open for mistweaver

    If we are not actively looking for your class don’t give up, we will still always consider exceptional applications.

    If you are interested in joining make an application on our forum: http://www.thenephilim.eu

    Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact any of our officers online: Retovia, Mejjbi, Szethsonson, Zackie, Yo and Buttrik.

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    bumping, in search for DPS and healers

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