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    Need some halp

    So, i play a BM hunter, as it should be, and my dps is pretty good. however, theres this other hunter in my guild that does more burst at the beginning of the fight but i come out on top for sustained, yet he still beats me with over damage done. its is to note that my gear is better than his. so, i need some help. i need to maximize my dps further to match or exceed him, the way i think it should be. here is my armory link, so you can judge how best to help me out on this, if you so choose. any help and constructive feedback will be welcome. thank you all for you time in helping me with this.

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    get rid of that terrible brewfest trinket. Should be using searing words from scholo +windswept/flashing steel. I prefer flashing steel personally since it syncs perfectly with lynx rush.

    your reforging is weird, you have over 8% expertise which is over raid cap. You want 7.5% of hit/exp and then crit>mastery>haste

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    armory is slightly off, my exp is actually at 7.49%. and i havent been lucky enough to get any of the new trinkets, but i'll be working on that now during this weekend.

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