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    hows fire mage in mop rbg/arena?

    i know its too early to make a conclusion but after couple days of hp grinding, i felt my fire mage did way less damage as in cata( im not qqing, dont take me wrong, i love my fire mage) I dont know if i did anything wrong or other fire mages feel the same.

    PS: i feel so hopeless when i face warriors, charge you, leap, shock wave, silence, spell reflection,charge again, even if i am super lucky, i have all my pyro crits and combustion crits too, once i see second wind, i know im dying, feel like they can just heal thru my damage themselves. I know its their time to shine this season, but is it a bit too op atm? So can anyone help me counter this class?

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    It all depends on how you use and manage your "resources". My main is a fire mage, and even though I find warriors to be the biggest pain in one's a$$, I have yet to find one that can kill me, unless a huge group of other dps are helping me. If I fail to kill him in time, I evade combat most of the time, only to come back and melt hes face with me Pyro proc>Alter time > Pyro>Pyro>Pyro ( and If I'm lucky, another Pyro )

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    They are fine but still i prefer frost in arenas.

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