<No Direction> is recruiting! our roster is compiled of old time WoW players immersed in experience and skill, we're presently raiding MoP with a solid team for real progression. We're an Australian based guild our raid times are 8:30pm ST(During DLS) and raids will progress for a minimum of 3 hours, raid nights are on Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday/Monday.

Players who are interested in joining us must have a positive attitude toward raiding, this includes the possibility of being benched/sat out, we run with a 13man raiding team with skilled OS players chances are we may switch players to alter composition our allow benched players to participate. You must be able to take criticism and have some form of tolerance to raid wipes/our sense of humour. We're also pretty keen on obtaining players with common sense and with good communication skills over mumble/skype and in text.

Attendance wise we're looking for players who can commit to the majority of raids, 70% minimum and notification prior to absenteeism is appreciated so we can work out schedules or alterations to the raid group ahead of raid start.

To check on present recruitment needs visit our website/forums: http://theblueskull.net/ndf/

Or you may contact myself [Sîlënt] (excuse the filthy special characters) or [Arrithh] in game for information or queries.

Thankyou and hope to see you!