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    Are there any fire mages who can do 5 waves each time by themselves without any help from anyone in their group. I know the DPS with Fire is great, just checking on spark waves. Anyone have a vid or 2 they can post of a Fire Mage or Frost Mage POV. Just want to look over for more tips and tricks for this fight. Thanks.

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    Killed it twice, as fire. Going with LB, RoP and Scorch. Scorch is a must imo, first week i did around 107k dps and earlier today i did 134k even if we didnt log but fire is really powerfull if you play it right.

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    I do also play fire (talking about 10 man here). What we do is: I have one spark, another range has the spark right next to me and a melee is on the first spark. One of the tanks first helps me get the sparks down and then helps the guy right next to me. On the forth spark I also help if mine goes down. It is just to important to get those sparks down.
    My rotation in this phase is just spamming Fireball into the boss and infernoblasting to get the instant pyro. I save my instant pyro for the spark. As soon as it spawns I switch and pull my Pyro. I know this is not ideal DPS, but at least I get 4 sparks down - this is the main goal here. If I get one of the first sparks down fast, I do also pull combustion on the boss. Depends on the situation and proc luck.

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    I went back to LB from FB, I just hate the cast time on FB. Pulled 111k on the kill this week, certainly not outstanding but pretty respectable. I run with Rune of Power here as you're stood still for so much, and found it helped on my spark kills a lot, but soloing them is still dependant on crits. Luckily tanks are doing pretty bonkers damage now, I let the prot warrior just solo the first 2 whilst building a big ignite then spread it onto ranomd 3rd round adds and build up a pyro proc for the 4th round. We never bothered trying 5 but it felt doable this week (last week it didn't but guess more people comfortable with it now).

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    On our 2 kills I was Fire first, then Frost this week. Frost was great for the orbs, but overall I didn't do as well. They did fix frost's issue with pet freezes, I had no issue with that at all. My frost orb had problems though. I tried firing it off when I was jumping to clear stacks and that did work some of the time, but not always. I think it probably would have been fine if I'd stepped forward to use it, then stepped back, but that's also additional movement and might have been a pain making sure I got back into a position where jumping would clear.

    I've been enjoying Frost and have been using it on every other boss so far, but I think I'm just always going to stick to Fire for this fight. It just felt better and performed better. Getting the orbs down did seem a little RNG and make me sweat when I was Fire - but I also was using IW rather than RoP b/c I gave up RoP on our 1st or 2nd pull when it bugged and I couldn't get the buff. I've since seen that people haven't had issues if they make sure they place it more forward on the inner circle or back on the outer circle so I'll try that next time. I think having that buff going during orbs would help make it go a bit more smoothly. I'll also be reforged/geared for Frost when I use Fire on this fight, and I think that having all that stacked haste will actually be better for the orbs even though properly reforging for Fire would do better overall on the fight.

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    Never pick up scorch imo, it's good while moving but hurts your dps. On this fight, PoM is WAY better, it's an excellent small Cooldown on sparks, it's also a free pyroblast every 90 seconds, and can be an extra boost to your Combustion Pyro portion of the dot. I also found Invocation is much more clunky during spark burning, but better overall. Rune is really nice, but doesn't perform as good as Invo for obvious increased damage reasons. Choose the tier 6 Talent you feel you can manage the best, and you will see amazing results.

    For my latest kill I ran, PoM, NT(I found it much better when you didn't have to wait for the explosion, much easier to manage.), and RoP.
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    This post has been a godsend. My first try on Elegon last week, had no idea about the sweetspot at the edge of the ring or thought to change my talents for the fight. Resulted in some pretty awful dps numbers 50-60k. Read this thread, played around with talents, actually figured out how to use alter time and had some decent attempts on Elegon last night, never dropped below 80k, pushed 95-97k at times, and even hit 107k (record for me). Should go down this week, just some of our raiders are slacking atm so didnt have the optimal team. Was running POM & IW, rune of power seemed to be bugging a bit as id place it in down but wasnt receiving the buff. But overall much happier with my performance. Once I get better gear should be even better, currently 468ilvl.

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