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    Retribution spec for challenge modes

    Hello there Paladin forum!
    Lately i was thinking about which would be the most viable spec for challenge modes. Especially i am referring to tiers 5 and 6, which is about maximizing the damage output. I know that depending on the dungeon/boss, the best options may be different but i would like to know from your experience what you think its more optimal in general.
    Regarding tier 5 i was trying both Holy Avenger and Divine Purpose. I havent come to a conclusion to which is more beneficial yet. During trash i love getting constant DP procs allowing me to use Divine Storm more frequent (sometimes 3-4 times in a row during every pull). When it comes to actual bosses Holy Avenger should give the edge but im not really sure if it works like that. From my testing i have seen mixed results.
    Tier 6 i usually go with the better AE option, that in my case i favor towards Light's Hammer. I have also tried Execution Sentence and havent tried Holy Prism yet.
    I would like to hear people opinions on the matter and discuss it further

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    Personally I feel Light's Hammer is by far the best talent in almost all PvE situations, for all three specs. It's damage is really high, and the healing is equally awesome. It puts Execution Sentence to shame.

    I must admit I have not used Divine Purpose enough to get a good idea of how good it is, but I can tell you that using Holy Avenger is amazing for AoEing down a big multi pull of mobs, by spamming Divine Storm. Very, very nice damage. I've been using one cooldown per pack and cycling through them, so I at least have one cooldown ready for each fight, and it seems to be working quite well.

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    LH surpasses ES with 2+ targets, also I prefer DP in the current state although I've only done 5mans , can't speak about if bosses require burst. I suggest you rock two stacks of that new dust to respec for each fight ( raid-wise ).

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    Honestly I think divine purpose outdoes holy avenger for trash packs. The procs are just insanely good and 2mins in between each holy avenger is just too long to wait esp as the times get shorter and shorter. If you care about boss dps more then holy avenger is the way to go but otherwise no.

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    Yeah, i am getting ALOT of procs with divine purpose which is really a decent dps boost. Holy Avenger is powerfull ofc, being able to use Divine Storms versus hard trash packs and also able to control it, but only drawback i see is the 2mins cd. In the long run i think im getting more damage with Divine Purpose.
    Divine Purpose isnt bad on bosses either.

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