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    hopefully we will see some buffs to the objectives that makes people have to do those packs, better yet just make people have to do it without food and potions, i reckon it would add a bit more challenge to challenge modes.
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    I think adding a Tome would be cool, but just to ensure we're all remembering history correctly, Tome of Cold Weather Flying wasn't added until patch 3.2. 8 months after release. Not saying it needs to be 8 months again, but I'd (personally) argue it's not something that needs to be available day 1 either.
    Bummer. I hoped they would input this at release. It's so annoying to have to level my farmchar to 90 just to be able to use her.

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    holy shit vinniejones is amazing, between the broken english and absolutely idiotic views yours have been the best comments so far
    could you please tell me what makes a skilled player? if being knowledgeable about your class and class synergies in general is not part of what makes a player skilled, what is it? just being able to auto attack and not stand in fire? also grats to aquila, all you did was use a well timed invis pot, no skill, but still, I'll never get gold in a single challenge mode, can't afford those pots thanks to greedy alchemists like vinniejones

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    Quote Originally Posted by VinnieJones View Post
    This is so funny.

    A blue wrote this:

    And this is from the interview with the player that did all the gold medals:

    Somehow skill and invisibility potions are now the same?
    Well... did you think of doing that? No? Then you are simply butthurt. It's an ingenious idea, and they should get credit for seeing the cracks in the system at least, not condemned.

    Thinking outside the box is a skill. End of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aqua View Post
    Well... did you think of doing that? No? Then you are simply butthurt. It's an ingenious idea, and they should get credit for seeing the cracks in the system at least, not condemned.

    Thinking outside the box is a skill. End of.
    Lol its not skill, its bad design on blizzards part. People have been talking about using invis pots/stealth runs before release, but most people talked it down saying that the mobs would most likely have some sort of detection which would make a lot of sense, its quite a bit of fail on blizzards part here imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by VinnieJones View Post

    Skilled? No just knowledgeable about their class and class synergie in general.
    Skilled? No, just a hell of a lot of time on their hands. actually just defined skill in a video game and said that it isn't skill? Weren't all TBC Gladiators doing the same thing? Finding the cheese comp in 2s and abusing Engineering? How about people who knew the best comp to bring for H MGT to CC the 3rd boss? It takes skill to know how to get gold, don't knock challenge modes and the people who got golds.

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    Did none of you watch the live stream of Bliz running challenge modes? They were using invis pots and mass stealth. The challenge is kill all bosses and x mobs in the instance in a certain time, where x is less than the total number of mobs. Obviously if you don't have to kill everything, you skip as many of the hard trash as you can. That's not cheesing that's playing smart. Speed runs have always been about skipping everything but bosses, bliz didn't want the whole things cheesed and made killing a certain amount of trash required. Killing more than that is dumb, and if you want to show up without food or pots challenge mode is not designed for you. If you can't afford the pots and food, and can't make them, and your guild won't help you out, time to find a better guild.

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    Think everyone talking about how bad/cheesy it is using invis pots rogue stealth haven't seen blizzard doing challenge mode run on MoP launch event even the blizzard players used it. Why do you think blizzard put amount of mobs in the requirement of winning the medal so you do as low amount of mobs as you can without skipping everything.

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    I think it is funny seeing blues try to actually trying to say justice point gear is useful.

    And as for the challenge modes, I think it is more disappointing that they were able to run it healerless for most of the runs. That really doesn't sit well with me.
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    While it is true that you can skip a trash pack or possibly two, depending on your count, it doesn't necessarily make it easier.. it's simply a way to get yourself to where you're going faster. They're not easy and to suggest they are because you have bronze is just plain silly. The time allotment for silver and bronze is extremely forgiving and if you cannot get either then you probably have no place commenting on something like this, as even being 5 minutes off is an eternity. If you watched the stream of MoP release you could even see the internal team doing things like invis potting to get through their challenge mode. Are you going to suggest they're unskilled as well? The mob requirement is there to let people do things like that, or mass stealth, without going overboard. Not every mob in an instance counts towards your requirement, so in a lot of the instances you can't afford to even skip more than a couple packs and it ends up being about which mobs you choose. It's time to think outside the box and be really creative. I believe they even posted in a blue post that they intended for people to find interesting ways to do what needed to be done. Getting gold has been one of the most intense things I've ever done in the game and I enjoyed every second I spent working towards it. Shado-pan is insane, so major props to this group for finishing it.
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    Look at all the people bitching about how "hard" it is to get rep. And how they can't get every single thing on their alts that their main has.

    Wtf has happened to the mentality of the players in this game?! 5 years ago, those players would have been laughed at by the developers.

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    Nicely done by blizz
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    Did Blizz fix something, since on my realm the challenge modes seem to be bugged, I only saw 2 times listed for realm best, and some people I asked said that the progress tracker on number of required kills and boss kills wasn't working so the time didn't end when they finished the instance.

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