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    The Stone Guard AOE

    Just wondering would it be better to AOE or use single target rotation for this fight

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    Cleave, Bladeflury gogogogo! Most AoE Spells are not stronger then Singletarget rota against two targets, if your class can make more dmg with a 2 Targetrota then singletarget then aoe.

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    I would cleave, as stated above.

    Honorable mention though, Our group solo tanked (me) stone guard for 20% of its health last night and I spammed AOE against all three dogs while we healed through the explosions. They were timed pretty well, with 1 dog hitting 100% while another at ~60% and the last at ~30%. With no dog getting the 90% reduction, aoe spamming looks like it could be viable with higher average ilevel across a group.

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    Since this is a pally forum, I'll assume OP's either prot or ret.

    For Ret - you can do a few things. For sure use SoT with DS finisher. Honorable mention: Glyph of Double Jeopardy (since you'll be attacking 2 dogs)

    For Prot - Go with SoI+Glyph of Battle Healer (this is all the rage these days!). Use ShoR to keep debuff uptime, however use CS+Tab for everything else.


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    If this is for heroic, just single target on the petrified one.

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    ty for the reply my bad i forgot to mention this is for ret and heroic

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    For Heroic replace TV with DS and grab lights hammer since you will be dpsing 2 adds at the same time. Here is a log for the fight as well.


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    Quote Originally Posted by zandril View Post
    ty for the reply my bad i forgot to mention this is for ret and heroic
    Honestly this fight can be done multiple ways, I've seen 2 targets being dps'd and I've seen single target dps only. So it's more based on your strategy you can't really just say do this or do that because we don't know what strategy your raid is employing.
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