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@ OP: With your build, you'll have to decide whether the extra money spent on the full tower, AX850 and Sabertooth. The alternatives would be mid tower, TX650/TX750/HX650/HX750 (assuming you want to stay with Corsair) and the P8Z77-V/P8Z77-V LX/P8Z77-V LK (assuming you want to stay with ASUS).

This shifts money into other areas such as CPU (i7-3770K grants you hyperthreading which is 'supposed' to help with video encoding), GPU (upgrade to 660 Ti) and SSD.
Shifted to an R4/HX650 (Also getting an ASRock Z77). Think I'll go for the 660 Ti, i7-3770K doesn't seem to have much use for the little video editing I do. Thanks for the input.