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    My rogue has been my main for years, no way i'm going to reroll even if they make all three specs bandage healing - but this is only about the time spent on my toon.

    About the class itself, i'm having fun in heroics as sub, hoping to get into the next riad sinc now the ilvl and dps are at least acceptable for justifying my presence. Still there are many flaws in the class design which could have been solved with some very small adjustments and i don't understand why they aren't addressed.

    TL;DR: i'm fine, but not more than that.
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    Not at all happy with my rogue. Sub and Combat feel too clunky and similar, and Mutilate has severe energy issues.

    I'm going to stick it out on my rogue, but I'm praying they'll change stuff.

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    At the moment, I can't comment on anything else but PvE (raiding) Combat - no dagger drops QQ. But I have to say, that spec is pretty damn great to play. Disregarding numbers (I still think it's too early to judge those), I can't think about a single mechanics change that is not an improvement.

    • RvS change adds some complexity. It's not just "keep this debuff up", the correct usage is "have as low uptime as possible while still having it up before each CP generator and offensive finisher".
    • Slower energy regen allows to actually do the things like above, because now you have the option to pool energy for few seconds. But at the same time, Combat still has the killing machine feeling when AR is up.
    • Shadow Blades, even when macroed with AR, can be still noticed by rapid change of CP generation.
    • Bandit's Guile on the rogue - oh my god! Target switching never was easier, when you keep an eye on your CPs, there is almost no DPS loss.
    • And Deadly Poison again - thanks to poisons proccing from both weapons, Combat no longer has to deal with obscure Shiv mechanics when your offhand simply refuses to apply poison (was pretty common on for example Ragnaros). Did I mention a single stack of DP?
    • Shadowstep! Pulling the boss, getting back to the boss, swtiching to adds, stepping to friends to get away from "fire", ...
    • Anticipation, gotta love storing CPs for later use.
    • New Feint is awesome! Talking mainly about the "usable with no target" part, but the option to talent it is nice as well.

    I am quite sure that there is more, but those are the thing that impressed me the most during our 2 raid nights we had so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fae View Post
    Mostly agree, except for the change to Feint. Yes, being able to use it whenever we want is awesome. However, the energy cost on top of it is a really heavy blow to its usefulness... I'd much rather see a glyph remove the energy cost of it than extending its effect by 2 seconds.

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    The poll options are bad.

    I'm getting my ass kicked on the charts and my talents feel clunky but I'll just wait things out and see what happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtstormrage View Post
    Have only done first four boss.

    In my view the best specs are:
    Thanks for sharing. Now, what does it have to do with this thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fae View Post
    Thanks for sharing. Now, what does it have to do with this thread?
    Ok. Fine. Deleted. I was talking about whether I was happy with my Rogue on different fights, although if this thread is intended to discuss the Rogue class generally, then I am happy to keep my views to myself.

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    Not really completely happy yet
    Levelling was alright, I suppose. Only downside was those fucking ranged always tagging mobs before you could

    I'm not raiding because fuck my life, so I can only comment on hcs.
    Which I hate. So many of these bosses and trash packs are unbelievably melee unfriendly. Frequent target switching and the majority of the boss fights being "Can I stand in this?" 'Release spirit' "No, I can't". Ok, I'm overexagerating, but still...
    For me, hcs have been a pain in the ass also loot wise. I'm still running around with legendaries because I don't even have a fucking 450 dagger.
    Then, I'll contradict myself a little. See, what do I hate more than hcs? Dailies. Now you have to do both hcs and dailies for rep/gear, and that's really taking the piss as far as I'm concerned, because I hate dailies so fucking much, whereas in Cata you bought your tabard and got hc loot and rep at the same time! But you can't that now.

    So a couple of other things:
    I do Sm. Boots from last boss, I press need. New dungeon popped as we queued right away. No boots for me, because "we can't find those boots in our system, because fuck you"
    After that, it was a little Hc spam with gulides, and they wanted to do Cleaning Up despite my shit dps. Lo and behold, we did get the achievement. Correction: I didn't, for some reason, as I never got the debuff. And the gms can't grant it to me. Now I'll have to do it some other time, and that really drives me up the wall.

    Sadly I must say that this expansion hasn't been so fun yet. Right now I'm just afk in Org and I can't bring myself to do those hcs or those dailies (which make a day with severe diarrhea seem like so much more fun in comparison). I mean, now it's weekend and while I previously would spend so much time and have so much fun in wow, I realise I'm fucking bored and can't wait for monday so I can get back to my job of cleaning toilets (which, again, strikes me as a much better option than dailies).

    Every expansion is like a birth. 99% of the players are running around and are sooo happy, even diapers full of green shit are changed with joy, while I suffer from post-partum depression brought on by a 3rd degree rupture and 70 hours in labour

    TLDR: hcs hate me, I don't get loot, I'd choose diarrhea over dailies, suffering from the expansion blues (yeah, I just made that up)
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    In my honest opinion they should have remaked rogues completely.. they just arent as fun as the other classes can be.. yeah its fun to stealth around in BG's and stuff and its nice to have poison which no other class has.. but i just feel like it's missing something.. it needs more flair or something ;D ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incineration View Post
    Mostly agree, except for the change to Feint. Yes, being able to use it whenever we want is awesome. However, the energy cost on top of it is a really heavy blow to its usefulness... I'd much rather see a glyph remove the energy cost of it than extending its effect by 2 seconds.
    I'd only agree with that if Elusiveness disappears (which it should!).

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    The proc mechanic in Assassination is a breath of fresh air. And removing Vanish as a DPS cooldown is nice.

    Combat is awful as always.

    I haven't played much Subtlety, but I think the rotation should be tighter. Increasing the length of SnD baseline was a bad move; we should have to spend more combo points to maximize passive damage. Instead, Blizzard has made passive damage even more passive...

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    People are flipping shit for no reason.
    Rogues are excellent in MoP.
    Combat Cleave is beastly for The Stone Guard
    Sub single target dps is tops, Mutilate still hangs around.
    PvE wise at least Rogues are still dominant.
    PvP wise yea I can understand the complaints.

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    My rogue feels fine atm. I like the proc mechanic of Assass, combat feels abit clunky and I havent played sub much since MoP hit tbh. My only real issue is the high cost of Feint, especially when looking at our current energy regen. To those saying "well its justified due to how good Feint is", yes I agree in a way, I just feel that going from 0 cost -> 20 energy is abit much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogaeu View Post
    sry, but you're talking bullsh**.

    "Are you male or female?"
    A) Completely male
    B) Quite male
    C) Undecided
    D) Quite female
    E) Completely female
    "how happy are you with rogues?"
    A) yes
    B) no

    just as stupid.

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    well, my plan atm is to simply farm hcs and raids and level my alt. i actually still love the rogue class mechanic-wise etc. so i really wouldnt want to reroll. maybe when im in t14hc and the gameplay becomes a bit more fluid, all my problems will be solved
    but just in case, i'm gonna have a toon being ready
    atm i'm feeling ok with sub, it's got nice energy regen, big numbers and because of HaT combo points is not that big of an issue.

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    I've played a rogue since Vanilla beta and stuck with them from every expansion. They're OK in PvE with the available gear that's out there. I love combat cleaving. I don't top the charts anymore, but I can understand why due to the available gear.

    For PvP , they are utter garbage. They were top tier in Cata, but there's a difference between overhauling a class for balance to completely destroying their viability in one aspect of the game. At least I lost interest in PvP on my rogue an expansion ago.

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    I see no pros....rogues suck in MoP so far.

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    Back when they tried to "fix" us with the ever so clunky Hunger for Blood, I remember they said it was temporary and that they couldn't do any real major changes in the middle of an expansion. Well, now is a new damn expansion and nothing really has happend.

    The whole scaling thing is not okay in my opinion, it's not good design and I think it's something that people just repeat and find it acceptable because they've heard it many times. The class feels so oudated. Yet I would rather quit the game than change main, because it's still the only class archetype I'm interested in.
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    I'm satisfied with where I am right now, started out playing Assn. and felt a little weak it it was primarily due to having inferior daggers (450/437). Picked up 2x 463 Axes and went Combat. I feel the burst is great especially initially popping instant KS + SnD + RVS + Adrenaline Rush + Shadow Blades (or w/e they're called) am typically bursting a quick 85-100k, and slowly decay after the initial burst being energy starved settling in around 55k single target.

    I know with more haste I won't feel as energy starved and will have a much higher sustained.

    I'm content right now at 465 ilvl, and will only get more happy as the expansion continues
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    At least we know that our feedback is now reaching developers, I feel a bit more content about our situation now.
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