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    Hmm this is weird, in my guild our Disc Priest always tops the hps chart, followed close by our resto shammy and holy pally is quite a bit behind... is our priest God or are the shammy and pally doing something terribly wrong?
    Sham and Pal are doing it wrong. Or they are letting the Priest handle most raid healing and focusing on tanks, which isn't necessarily wrong.
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    Or you're 3 healing something that should be two healed. As such, there's too much healing vs damage taken, which drops everyone hps and let's absorbs shine more than they usually would. Also, it makes Shaman Mastery less useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vashi View Post
    Peeps are too addicted to the end of WOTLK when we owned everything. We simply had no competition in topping meters. Same in Cataclysm ( well not the start of it but after pretty much yes ). Get over it that some fights are simply more tuned for other healing classes.

    It is like DPS classes. Some are shit for some fights, some are OP for it. Do they cry if they cant compete with others? Dont think so.
    Of course the DPS complains about this, it's just the nature of the beast. Everyone wants to be on top but if a class is good at everything, people would then complain it's OP, complaining is just what people are good at. =)

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