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    Priest current issues have been mentioned over and over in the beta and this was clear to anybody that even looked at priests it was going to happen. It might not have helped the same ppl that were heading up monk abilities and talents were charged with priests while most other classes got their own group. Priest were just left behind to start MoP, this just happened to them at the start of Cata, it is just far worse this time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vashi View Post
    We are bottom at the moment. I dont care much. I two healed spirit kings and Garajal with no problem so I am happy when things die. I am disc. Just get over it, at the moment we will not be topping metters. Did it with iLVL like 455.
    Well, when you're a consistent 10k hps behind in healing and constantly OOM, then you'd be straining your other healers more. 468 gear doing 25m Feng, my healing was getting carried and there was not much I could do about it. Ever since I switched to Holy, mana and healing have felt a lot better.

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    This problem isn't isolated to 25-mans. I know there will be some "who cares about 10-mans" posts, but most people are in fact doing 10-man runs.

    Top 40 for 10-mans looks like this:

    The Stone Guard:
    Zero in the top 40

    Feng The Accursed
    Zero in the top 40

    Gara'jal the Spiritbinder
    1 in the top 40 (holy)

    The Spirit Kings
    1 in the top 40 (holy)

    1 in the top 40 (holy)

    Will of the Emperor
    Zero in the top 40

    This means that out of all players ranked in top 40 in 10-man, only 1.25% are priests.

    Additionally, I looked up disc specifially for The Stone Guard just for fun. The highest ranking disc priest is ranked 700+...

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    Yeah there is definitely a problem with Priests going on right now. They run out of mana so easily and their heals are much less effective. I don't even play a Priest but its just that obvious. They need buffs/tweaks immediately.

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    Bash that PW:Solace and you'll be fine, disc was never about numbers, it's always been about anticipating damage.
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    Priests' mana regen is total bulls** atm. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Ye ye ye all healers have mana issues... except monks, resto druids, hpalas and rshamans.

    Very good priests will look like average healers. Average priests will look like terribad priests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaPe View Post
    Perhaps he was using Hymn of Hope to provide "value" to "real" healers. Fits the "support" role, I guess. 'Course, benching him would probably be better, but hey...
    It's not difficult to tell when a poster, like the one who's quote that was, is a moron, is it?

    If I were him, I would delete that quote before anyone else sees it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kouby View Post
    Bash that PW:Solace and you'll be fine, disc was never about numbers, it's always been about anticipating damage.
    Except that shields are included in numbers, you know. If your shield only absorb 1mil damage while a monk can heal up 2 mil then the group that takes the monk instead of a priest is obviously going to have an easier time. Please show me one case this tier where having a disc priest over a druid or even a holy priest is beneficial in any way.

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    Here's more statistics anyway (as of October 5th, taken from WoL, both EU and US):

    10 man normal, top 10

    Monk: 18 (30%)
    Paladin: 17 (28.33%)
    Shaman: 14 (23.33%)
    Druid: 11 (18.33%)
    Priest: 0
    Total players: 60

    25 man normal, top 10

    Monk: 49 (81,67%)
    Paladin: 6 (10%)
    Druid: 3 (5%)
    Shaman: 2 (3.33%)
    Priest: 0
    Total players: 60
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    At the time MoP launched, wasn't the last we'd heard from beta blue posts that PW:Solace's mana returns were being nerfed big so that they could get a more accurate picture of priest mana problems? There were really no changes after that. So it's not surprising that priest healing is behind right now, given that it's in a half finished state.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilly32 View Post
    The first disc priest doesnt show up on Elegon until #125 Id hardly call that having Value.
    Check that again. Just because Disc is not amazing at ONE fight does not mean the class doesn't have value. They are amazing tank healers.. they just can't put out the overall HPS like other tank healers can, but that doesn't mean they don't bring SOMETHING to the raid.

    But this is all to be expected.. typical people think that value is only in the form of HPS. Get into hardcore raiding and you'll see.
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    I found this interesting. The top Ranking disc priest on the first boss fight was the 3rd best healer in his group of out 3. Really blizz? REALLY? haha

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    These are our Feng logs.

    Our shaman ranked nr 1 and I ranked nr 1, but there was quite a large gap in healing done; (I was Holy). Edit; We both now have nr 3 spots on WoL.

    Screw rankings some say, but I don't see why Holy in particular should be so far behind the rest in terms of healing potency. We don't have much else to compete with than our raw HPS. Sure, we have some smart heals, but so do all the other healers, and some have very valuable raid CD's aswell on top of it.

    Imo our last tier spells are too costly and weak. I also think Divine Hymn is currently too weak. I do believe our spells overall are a bit too pricey in comparison to the healing, since we also lack any form of clearcasting spells or proccs (if you don't go for FDCL wich I don't find very useful).

    I also think Monks are way too out there. It's already pretty obvious Priests needs a buff and Monks needs a nerf, and this NEEDS to happen BEFORE heroic goes live. I don't want yet another tier where we are competetive halfway into the expansion. We need it now, when it matters, when the progress is still happening. Rate of change should be fast in this case.

    Chakra needs to go. I still believe this can be done!

    Sanctuary needs to be buffed by like 300%...

    I really miss Inspiration and the buff to healing ppl below %. You could take Twist of Fate, but miss out on PI/DI. I think we should have it by baseline.

    Our Mastery could certainly be more useful than just a HoT, and the fact it wont affect Renews are bull. Look at the other classes Mastery and most feel so much more valuable for survivability.
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    Disc is in a terrible place right now. My guild are pushing quite hard for ranks and using two healers for most fights. I have to cheer from the sidelines as taking two pallys just gets the job done. "Bring the player and not the class!" they said.
    Going from 100% raid attendance over the last few years to benched till buffs kinda hurts. I dropped over 100k gold to prepare my char for top <50 ranks but my "utlity" just doesn't cut it going with two healers and needing to push 60k+ hps personal to keep people up on Elegon for example.
    Sad day for my poor priesty indeed. Forced to reroll till patch/hotfix.

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    I feel for ya Healplix...

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    I have 88 lvl priest myself and to tell the truth i was healing as discipline at mogu palace, and we wipe at the final boss 8 times, then i changed to holy we beat him up in single fight without any members dying and on the first try, so he is my imperession of priest nowdays: they sack on the playstyle because people are used to easy runs down very fast, and people stand in aoe and do not avoid traps and this drains mana even faster.

    The first "boss" at mogu palace took me to 10% of mana so it is hard on disc nowdays.

    Disc suck hard nowdays, if you want to play a healer you need to go holy nowdays since disc suck balls.

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    I don't think we're going to be fixed any time soon.
    Got a typical Blizz response from Ghostcrawler on his twitter, where someone asked
    "healing priests are DIRE in raids, completly ignored our concerns in beta saying it will be fine, devs sold us down the river"

    In which GC replied
    "Priests got a lot of raiding use this week. Why do you feel ineffective?"

    Just bare-faced ignore the problem.

    We are not getting buffed any time soon.
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    Monks are the flavour of the month. In our raids they were usually doing 50-100% more healing than every other class.

    If I recall the only class that seemed to do worse than us during the raid was our sham. I managed to somewhat keep up with the monks on spirit kings though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cephius View Post
    Monks are the flavour of the month. In our raids they were usually doing 50-100% more healing than every other class.

    If I recall the only class that seemed to do worse than us during the raid was our sham. I managed to somewhat keep up with the monks on spirit kings though.
    Shaman should be higher. They aren't doing it right.
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    One has to agree that the 25-man leaderboard is quite funny. Not much place for the "non-monk" out there ^^

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    As with any expansion that boasts major changes, the fact that the game has been out for just over two weeks is more of the reason for low dps than any skill or lack thereof.
    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Gold and the 'need' for it in-game is easily one of the most overblown mindsets in this community.

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