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    World animals day!

    So who of you is treating the loyal friend with something nice today!
    Wether its a dog a cat or a budgie, today they are all special /o/
    Here in holland a lot of people have decided to not eat meat today out of respect! not me though im eating my smoked sausage atm
    i gave my bunny a nice snack! But what are you going to do?

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    I just ate a hamburger, it was delicious. :P

    I had no idea today was such a day, but to me, my animals are special everyday. :P
    Perfect Illusion

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    A bit late, but I gave my dog a stuffed hippo and he loves it.

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    pets are great as they reduce our stress and keep us healthy. Stress is not good for heart, good hair on head and other metabolic activities of our body.

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    Agreed, I don't know what I'd do without my kitties!

    I'll have to make sure I give them a special treat, I'm sad I didn't know such a day existed so thank you for sharing!

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    Loving my two dogs as usual. The bigger of the two that we've had longer is just a big loveable ball of fur.

    You just can't get that kind of unconditional love from people. It's special that way.

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