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    Affliction AOE help

    I feel like I'm doing ok on boss damage, but I think I'm doing something wrong when it comes to AOE'ing. For a group of 3 or more guys i I usually do the following:
    Soul Burn > Seed > dps the guy until seed pops > spam seed. Any help would be appreciated.

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    If I know that I'm going to be doing trash mobs a lot, I'll spec into Harvest Life instead of Soul Leech. Then, it's SB+SoC, SoC, Tab, SoC, Tab, SoC, Tab, SoC, Harvest Life, watch the explosions and pray that you didn't just pull aggro. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Basically, Seed spam mixed with Harvest Life. If the mobs have a good bit of life, you can do some scary good dps before they all die.

    If they're non-elite, chances are you'll look terrible on the dps charts, though.

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