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    Quote Originally Posted by Dewote View Post
    Did you just quote yourself? lol.

    Anyway: - wotlk day 1 sales - cata day 1 sales

    while not official: - BC day 1 sales
    All of those are released one week after the game-release
    So he is still right.

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    i really think blizz likes throwing around the 10 or 12 million sub numbers because MMO players really dont read deeper than that. Most WoW players see 10 mil subs for WoW and 900k subs for swtor and think swtor is a failure as a game. When swtor is making a lil less than a 1/4 of the revenue WoW makes from the NA/EU sub market. As ppl have said 60% of the WoW subs are barely noticeable in terms of revenue.

    Blizz is really just playing mind games with Sub MMO players. If your playing a game based on Sub numbers then blizz has you in their pocket. They can lose money in asia but gain money from new NA/EU subs just because players are playing WoW just because it has way more subs than any other game.

    New games come out with 1 mil or 2 mil subs and blizz is like " we got 12 mil subs" People see that and say "well this game sucks" just because it has way less subs and wont even buy it.

    The reason Bioware said their game is still profitable at 500k subs is because NA/EU is paying for it. If they had blizz sub system for asia and launched their with 500k subs they would go bankrupt. Blizz sub numbers are used to keep other games down. No one is going to reach 10 mil subs at 15$ a month world wide. You have to have a deal with a company in asia (GW2 just got one in china btw) and they handle the game their. You wont make alot of money their but the total subs goes wayy up, and they dont even have to pay for a whole month, they pay by the hour and get counted as a monthly sub. So nice blizz.

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