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    deathknights @ stonguard hc buggy?

    When klicking the buff for tiles, it seems dk receives awesome dmg inc due to it, like if dmg reduction cds not working.
    Did anyone notice something like this? It really was weird, especially compared to the dmg other classes received from the same action.

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    are you 100% sure you were getting the right crystal for the current petrification?

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    yes, you take a lot of damage if you are not using the crystal of the add not currently petrifying. way more than the dungeon journal says.

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    yeah thanks i think that could be the solution, i just noticed this as a healer, and wanted to make sure there isnt anything wrong , because the dk nearly always died on this duty although he used everything he head. i hope on our next raid on sunday we will down it, had switched to 4 healing due to runners dieing and getting enrage timer at 10 percent or so, with this new info we will hopefully be able to return to 3 healing again, and kill it.

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