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    Quote Originally Posted by Roose View Post
    DW is much more forgiving because with 2H it is almost a waste to use KM procs on FS anymore. It was always important to go for OBs, but now the difference is just massive. You can still faceroll as DW.
    This is wrong. It doesn't matter where you use your KM procs. Both subspecs should completely ignore KM.

    DW is substantially more difficult to play than 2H, but neither subspec is exactly brain surgery. Masterfrost isn't difficult to pull off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Murdos View Post
    Because apparently reading someone's argument on the internet is too hard for most people, if it's put together with language and conviction rather them memes and insults.
    You could also provide some pros, instead of just bashing WoL with cons. There are several fights where you can compete legally without cheating. Professor Putricide is a good example, really nice encounter to play the WoL game on. Also, why talk negatively about people staying on Zonozz? All guilds had some DPS permanently on the boss on that fight, and other fights, because you don't have to overnuke the adds, since that would result in a dps loss on the boss, aka hitting enrage.

    How can you talk negatively about WoL and not saying "DPS-whoring"? Someone also mentioned tricks, and that is totally unnecessarily because Blizzard removed all those kinds of buffs, so rankings will be a lot more fair now, and not all about buying buffs from teammates.

    I also saw someone mentioning Icy-veins and noxxic for help with their class.

    NEVER use noxxic, that site sucks, a lot. They have had years now to fix the information about classes and they are still wrong on several points. They seem to rush together a "guide" to specs, and then leave it at that, making people not perform optimal.

    icy-veins on the other hand is looking quite good, and their DW frost rotation seems correct, that's where I'd go if I were unable to figure out those things myself
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    The general idea is people who use these fights with artificial buffs as a flex for how 'awesome' they are; and how that's silly.
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    Personally when i want to decide which specc pulls out better i look at worldoflogs.
    I frankly don`t care about the amazing results someone got in a heroic instance. i want to know the best output in RAIDS.
    Was about to reply that there is a dk (Lamperouqe -from Explodign Labrats ) who pulls very good numbers with DW and pretty crappy weapons (blues) , till i saw he himself posted here . his statements are backed up by logs and by the fact that in previous tier he was top dps in all heroic fights. I know this cause i used to browse top dk dps loggs of top dps (including Lamperouge) to improve mine (comparing uptime of diseases , number of obliterates/hb/fs versus mine etc etc ).
    I`m not a fanboy but i do respect and constantly browse the logs of top dps players .

    Bottom line : you want best dps possible ? understand mechanics of your abilitties (read info on the internetz ) , MANAGE YOUR RUNES PROPERLY (understand how they work and track them, don`t waste them allbefore you regen new sets = best advice i can give you ) farm best gear possible available to you, browse your own dps logs and compare them to top dps DKs. Spend 1 hour minimum and understand from logs where you can improve (for example same fight,same duration, same difficutly : you did 20 obliterates and 50 frost strikes , top dps dk did 29 obliterates and 70 frost strikes = you are wasting time and dps somehow )

    Bottom line : DW frost can pull great numbers (try to maximize mastery if possible on ALL items ) , 2H can also pull good numbers but haste is not so abundent on gear this tier (mediocre - good i`d say ) . both work, improve your own dps by understanding mechanics, better managing runes and browsing more logs.
    And stop being sarcastic to ppl that bring logs to a chat. just because some of you perform subpar in raids, doesn`t mean you can pick on top DK dps-ers.

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    Well I did 2/6 heroic last night as DW, and I think everything went well. The cleave-without-thinking really helped for Stone Guard damage. So thank you to the people who gave me rotation advice. I just have one more question after last night's raid: I often see the phrase "maximize frost strikes". Does this mean I should prioritize frost strike usage over Howling Blast? Like EJ's priority list, a normal Frost Strike without KM procs is put above a regular old Howling Blast. I was just doing HB spam last night and using Frost Strike for KM procs and when RP capped and it seemed to do nice damage.

    Any thoughts which is optimal? HB spam or Frost Strike spam? For some extra info, I'm 41% Mastery buffed and I'm talking about single target fights. I'm sure having two targets is part of the reason my HB spam was pulling high numbers.

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    I just simmed it both ways and using FS over HB was a 1.3% DPS loss. So, pretty close, but you should be using HB first.

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    I usually prioritise FS over HB. If RP is high then you're wasting possible resources.

    However, I'll use HB >>> FS if I have a frost and death rune up. I only find myself hitting RP cap at very few points in a fight, and wasting potential RE procs by Frost Striking when you have both a Death and Frost Rune up could lead to potential downtime (as far as I know). I could be wrong.

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    Obviously you will use FS over HB if you will cap runic power. I was talking about further down in the priority.

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    Thanks, that makes sense. It seems maximizing Runic Empowerment efficiency is better than just maximizing the number of Frost Strikes. I've been using Howling Blast as often as possible to keep my frost runes on CD and as a consequence I believe I have high RE uptime and almost always have RP available for when a KM proc comes up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ganaza View Post
    Ranking is 90% fight mechanics and 10% min/maxing your playstyle (assuming you already play at a good level)

    DW synchronizes with fight mechanics better in just about every situation.

    Think about it x
    What this guy says :P Anyone can get a top 200 parse with enough gear, but it's that top 20 ranking that means you're not dying and minimizing downtime in an encounter.

    That said, DW to me just makes more sense for this instance. "Masterfrost" is easier to manage, and with the amount of cleave on bosses/movement, you're basically always DPSing, even if it's just hitting HB on the run. HB is a good portion of your main damage percentage, so having to press it while running to hit something is what you would of done anyway.

    That's not to say 2h isn't comparable, cause it certainly is. I would just go with what weapons you have, and roll towards that spec, to be honest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schizoide View Post
    This is wrong. It doesn't matter where you use your KM procs. Both subspecs should completely ignore KM.
    Please explain the numbers behind that theory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roose View Post
    Please explain the numbers behind that theory.

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