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    The size increase is probably because people mocked the game for years for having ridiculously large weapons. I really wish they didn't tone it down, but don't chalk it up to laziness. They still put out a few monster weapons with current gear. The only thing lazy is the thinking behind the process that is chalking this up to laziness.
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    Blame titans grip making every weapon needing to be a 1h

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    The evolution of WoW swords: fatter, blunter, rustier... MORE DUCT TAPE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by swunt View Post
    still looks like a block and not a awesome looking weapon like tbc and vanila weapons...but this is what transmog is blizzard can be lazy
    Except it looks exactly like a vanilla weapon..... Vanilla weapon design was terrible everything was either flat or a piece of cardboard (looking at you corrupted ashbringer) and in BC everything was so round that it couldn't possibly cut through anything.... weapons now look way better and more realistic (as far as fantasy goes)
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    MogIt probably.
    Smaller weapons don't clip as much. : (

    The dagger made me laugh hard though. I don't know why but it just did.
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