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    Although this talent makes you hit really hard with wrath I can't figure out a way to use it in PVP as Feral. As most have said, you won't be wrath spamming for 45 secs. Also a half-minded player will probably try to interrupt and, as feral don't really stack haste, your casts are so slow that even without interrupts it's not much of a big burst.

    I prefer Nature's Vigil for PVP. The part about aoe healing on damage is the only thing i don't manage to use a lot. I just pop it as another damage bursting cd with incarnation + TF + Berserk and ravage spam. That's actually a nice burst, you can instant heal yourself for more damage, and if your partner is nearby he will get healed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zagoskin View Post
    Although this talent makes you hit really hard with wrath I can't figure out a way to use it in PVP as Feral.
    As feral I found it mostly useful as a survival CD because of the non-guardian bonus combined with the extra healing it gives which is useful even when casting NS+HT in bear form. It can come in handy to live a little longer as an orb carrier in temple of kotmogu, or as a flag carrier.

    It also helped me keep a flag carrier alive with heals on a couple of occasions. This works best when starting to heal directly from stealth so you have time to get some healing done before anyone notices you, then you can tank in bear when focused - it works quite well sometimes in random BGs at least. But it's clearly situational.

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    Sorry i actually meant to talk about arenas. It can actually be a good CD for BGs.

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    As i said in another thread...

    heart of the wild is op against;

    People who doesnt interrupt
    People who doesnt los
    People who doesnt pressure partner so druid cant stand and cast for 45 seconds
    People who doesnt cc in general
    People who are bad at this game

    With that said, if will be nerfed for sure. The thousand voices of bads will always weigh more than the few voices of the pros. Cash is king.


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    In PvE you can burst a lot with HotW + wrath spamming with caster staff but still, i think that in larger fights and with good stats DoC will be better. I think you still maintain better sustained DPS with DoC when you master to use it.

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    at elegon HoTW is like.....hah makes execute from warriors look shit.

    1.4 million wrath crits as feral druid...40% of total damage another talent in the game that does 40% of your damage on any fight :P

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