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    Any MistWeavers use VuhDo? Need advice on ability set up.

    Since Priests are horrible right now Im rerolling a monk. For anyone who uses VuhDo what spells do you put on your clicks as well as any mouseovers you might also use? For example this is how my abilities are set up on my Priest and Im trying to figure out how to set them up on my monk so it kinda feels the same.

    My Vuhdo Spells are:
    Left Click = Heal
    Right Click = Greater Heal
    Middle Click = Flash Heal
    MB 4 = Power Word:Shield
    Wheel Up = Renew

    1 Mouseover Prayer of Mending
    2 Mouseover Penance
    3 Mouseover Prayer of Healing
    4 Mouseover Cascade
    5 Mouseover Pain Suppression
    D Mouseover Dispell
    Alt1-3 are cooldowns that I use the most (Spirit shell, Power Infusion, Mindbender)

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    Left click: Renewing Mist
    Right click: Soothing Mist
    Middle: Life cocoon
    Mouse 4: Target
    Mouse 5: Zen Sphere / CracklingLJ

    1: Jab
    2: BK
    3: Chi torpedo / RJW
    4: Uplift
    5: Thunder Focus Tea
    6: SCK

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    For me:
    Scroll Up: Renew Mist
    Scroll Down: Uplift
    Right Click: Soothing Mist
    5: Chi Burst
    4: Expel Harm
    Shift Right: Surging Mist
    Shift Left: Enveloping Mist

    I have assist macros set up for the melee ... not 90 yet so I don't have torpedo in there.

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    Left Click: Detox
    Right Click: /Target

    1. Jab
    2. Tiger Palm
    3. Blackout Kick
    4. Mana Tea

    R. Uplift
    ShR. Surging Mist
    F. Renewing Mist
    ShF. Soothing Mist
    G. Enveloping Mist
    ShG. Life Cocoon
    C. SCK
    ShC. Orbs
    The basics. Everything else in the spellbook is shift or control-bound to something.

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    Scroll up: Renewing Mist
    Scroll down: Eveloping Mist

    Left click: Surging Mist
    Right click: Soothing Mist

    CTRL left click: Uplift
    CTRL right click: Chi Wave (if speced)

    1: Mana Tea
    2: Spinning Crane Kick

    3,4,5 etc: Jab, Blackout Kick...

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    Used Vuhdo on both pala and disc priest heals, got first boss down in Vault and 2nd to 11% as mistweaver, this is my cmbo n vuhdo -

    Left Click - Soothing Mist
    Middle click - Surging Mist
    Right Click - Eveloping Mist

    Shift Left - Renewing Mist
    Shift Middle - Chi wave / Chi Burst
    Shift Right - Uplift

    Ctrl Left - Life coccon
    Ctrl Middle - Revival
    Ctrl Right - Zen Medatiation

    Button 4 (mouse thumb) - Mana Tea
    Scroll Up - Detox

    Off vuhdo i have ~
    Middle Click - Spinning Crane Kick
    Button 4 - Roll
    1 - Jab
    2 - Blackout Kick
    3 - Rushing Jade Wind
    F1 -Tiger Strikes
    F2 - Crackling Jade Lightning

    Other Odd buttons i clicky.
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    I use grid + clique so I can use keybindings and not just mouse bindings. example, i use Q and E for healing spells on the target i have hovered on grid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jurio View Post
    I use grid + clique so I can use keybindings and not just mouse bindings. example, i use Q and E for healing spells on the target i have hovered on grid
    I'm at work right now and can't double check but I'm almost positive this can be done with Vuhdo, infact I think I'm doing what you explain with my Druid. On all my classes I use the V key as an AoE key, so for healing I use V for Tranquility, but I was able to go into... Keys Global(I think that's the name) in Vuhdo and bind my V key to Wild Growth.

    This lets me use V for the non-targeted Tranquility AoE heal when I press it normally and if I hover over a player in Vuhdo it will cast the targeted AoE Wild Growth. I'm pretty sure you can use this feature for almost anything. Vuhdo has a ton of features that most people never mess with so it's pretty uncommon knowledge.

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