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    I cant stop myself from rebuffing lightning shield

    Maybe its just a habit ive developed over the last few years, but I have to rebuff lightning shield all the time, im not used to it being a 60 minute buff now, does anyone else do this? it's like "OMG its below 40 minutes duration!? REBUFF NOW!"

    I used to do it alot before MoP as well, but now there literally is no point in rebuffing it and I still do it, I can't be the only one?
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    Ah lol... me neither! XD. And that goes double for Water Shield!

    That stupid reflex for refreshing the damned thing is never going away. Guess thats a sign of how long you´ve been playing your shaman.

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    I moved it to a different button that is far more inconvenient and I still hunt it down .
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    Same here. I constantly refresh lightning and water shield every ten minutes or so. Of course, when it first made the switch to 10 minutes I was refreshing them every minute or so. Hopefully one day I'll get the hang of it.

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    I constantly rebuff any buff I have on my Shift+2 hotkey, it's a tick/habit. I spam that sh1t every 5 seconds regardless... xD

    On my DK it's Horn of Winter, on Druid Heart of the Wild.

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    I unbounded lighning shield. Now i have to click if i have to use it. Cbf with clicking so it works out

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    I unbounded lighning shield. Now i have to click if i have to use it. Cbf with clicking so it works out
    I did this as well, with earth shield now no longer removing lightning shield, no charges, and undispellable it's basically a buff and forget mechanic. Just unbind it.

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    Lol yeah this is gonna be hard for me to break. Basically i've been rebuffing it after every fight.

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    I cast water shield as much as I hit space bar it's crazy. If it's not a heavy healing fight I'm casting after every cast.

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    Compulsively refreshing your Water/Lightning shield is part of being a Shaman. It never had anything to do with the buff duration really, so not much has changed now that its an hour. I've just accepted that I'm always going to do it. It's a cool animation so I don't really care that much

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    I've added a TellMeWhen icon that pops up on the screen whenever it's down. Ditto for weapon enhancements, and buffs on my other toons like Blessing of Might, etc.

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    I do it with Water Shield, not really for the duration.. But I'm not use to it not fading after being hit three times. The new duration is great, I'm just so use to rebuffing when it got to one stack

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    Lol this is great I thought I was the only one with this problem. I'm getting better at it but damn ><

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    What specc are these people still spamming lighting shield, as an ele I got over it rather fast ever since they redesigned shields in Cata. If you are still rebuffing it as an ele than your an idiot.

    I can't speak for other speccs as I never played them and don't know their rotations.

    Edit: My comment was a reaction at assuming you do this in combat as well, outside it doesn't really matter.

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    As mentioned above, keybinded Lightning Shield is a thing of the past for me, too. I've put it in the clickable "buff section" of my UI, where my mage has his AI and my priest has his Fortitude. Took me a week or so to get used to it, but that was it. Key number 5 (ex-LS key) is now my Searing Totem.

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    got same problem until i bound ascendance under keybind i used for LS, it was been painfull week when i poped ascendance before every fight :P

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    I moved my lightning shield to unbound spot and placed a searing totem there... now im spamming searing totems >.<

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    /raises hand in shame

    Kinda like when Inner Fire lost it's charges just habit.
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    I moved it to click instead of hotkey and placed ascendance in its often i've transformed into an elemental is just silly...

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    Hehehe i actually got over it kinda fast but yeah, been there done that... only reason im not clicking on it now is that i know i might lose potential stacks

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