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    i know the feeling ^^

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    I know you're pain think the same think is happening to all the shamans out there i'm spamming mine every 15-20 mins or so even it doesn't bother me as long as im not in a dungeon or anything . Just the sound of it popping is soothing ^^

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    You know rebuffing Lightning Shield back in WotlK as Enhancement Shaman? 3 Stacks? 8% Chance to proc it at every melee swing?

    I know that feel brav ;D

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    I still have Lightning/Water shield bound to my 'G' key, which is prime keyboard real estate easily accessible by the pinky. I guess it doesn't make any sense to bind shields anymore.

    I've been looking for a good keybind for Ascendence. I think I might try the swap and see how it plays out. Will probably transform by accident a lot until I figure it out.

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    Right before any bosses... entering any instances... going anywhere... running into a crazy pack of mobs... I hit it. I can't stop myself. It's bound to F ffs. It will always and forever be F to my shaman and I can't stop myself from using it constantly. Been a shaman for too long I guess.

    Added: Using it to dismount from my Drake so I can get into buildings.

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    I was in the habit for a few days then 'omg i just overrode a 7 stack before a pull!' *slapped own hand*

    I also used to use it to dismount to get into buildings now i just drop searing.

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    I constantly refresh my lightning shield as I have always done as elemental xD XD

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    I still do too, but it's kinda useful in PvP, where you actually have to rebuff after respawning...
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    I like the change, means I can free up another keybind for new spells, only need to click it once every 60 minutes.

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    Yeah damn familiar... Its like a tiick...
    Especially annoying when I do it by reflex when I have some extra charges accumulated already.... pure DPS loss cause of the habit :/

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    I always re-cast weapon enchantments, i.e. Earthliving/Flametongue. DURATION below 50 minutes?! RECAST! Water shield as well.
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    I removed Lightning Shield from it's keybind, now it's Ancestral Guidance.

    Every time I die, I use ancestral guidance trying to use lightning shield.......

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    Yeah I still do it -- I tried to put something else in that hotkey spot that would be beneficial, or wont be detrimental, casting all the time but I can't find one. So I just left it there and cast the hell out of it.

    It helps with my Water Shield and Earth Shield in PvP as Resto, but as Enhance it hasn't found a home.

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    I ended up going the other direction. I got used to not rebuffing lightning shield unless I died. . .now I forget to rebuff my flametongue weapon until I try to use unleash elements and it won't work. I used to always refresh both at the same time so that I'd never forget the weapon imbuement.

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    Since it has 60 min duration now, I moved it to another "not so fast" keybinding, CTRL-D.

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    I moved it to an inconvenient place too. I used to use it to dismount as well, now I use GW, but it isn't the same

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