I like these changes. I was never a fan of the OCD style of gaming redoing things. Make it significant the first time over you do it. But just like in real life we tend to get faster and better at things we done already once and to reflect that properly in game is to have your alts not go through the ordeal and chore of it ALL again.
So yay for halved rep gaining on alts!! Super.
Though I'm dont' feel strongly about the halved revered to exalted. I think that should be the same if you do it the first time and halved for all your alts.

And what is it these days with people worshipping effort, hard work, and such in games. Games are meant to be FUN and enjoyable. A little bit of grind can be required but wouldn't go as far as saying its rewarding or a prestigious achievement if you spended eons of grinding. Cereal? Rewarding is when you do something tricky that requires you to push you're coordination, hand eye motoric skills, tactical insights....engaging your brain. That's achievement in gaming. Not countless of hours of mind boggling repetitive grind. (And I have slight autistic characteristics that is prone to loving repetitive gameplay...go figure if I say its too much)