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    Low lvl monk rotation

    For around lvl 36

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    Spec? I'll just give a general idea for what I've been doing as each spec I guess.

    Windwalker - No idea, haven't tried it yet.

    Mistweaver - If anyone is particularly low on HP, use soothing mists, if everyone is "okay" (~80% hp or higher) pretend you're another DPS. Stack tigers buff, spam jab and blackout kick. Just don't forget to use soothing mists if anyone gets hit really hard.

    Brewmaster - AoE: Douse everyone in booze, spit fire, build chi while DoT is burning, use fire again after it wears off. Re-apply beer as needed. Boss/Single: Pretend you're DPS again. Stack tigers, BoK when you can, keep using keg smash, I'm not sure if it's worth using fire in a single target situation yet. Always: expell harm when you can benefit from the heal and keep guard up.

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    Jab, Keep up the tigers buff, blackout kick.

    If your questing, jabx2 blackout kick rinse repeat. If you chain pulling it may be worth it to try and keep a 3 stack of tiger's buff.

    Questing as BM? Pull as many things as you can, keg smash, fire breath, repeat as needed. Expel harm to heal yourself up. Blackout kick hits pretty hard when you have flames bebuff up.

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    Breath of Fire does more damage than BoK even against a single target immune to Haze until the proper scaling kicks in at 80 or so.

    Keg Smash hits like a train.

    Windwalkers get no valuable burst until Rising Sun Kick in the mid-50's.

    Moral of the story - go Brewmaster for optimal low-level damage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumatran View Post
    Level 36?

    Honestly, just push literally any button till it dies. There are no "rotations" till 90.
    I was honestly thinking the same thing.

    Stuff will die so fast, even in most dungeons, that a real rotation isn't needed. Just learn what each one does and try to get a feel on your own, you will understand the class much better than trying to force a rotation at such a low lvl.

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