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    [H] Raid Warning (10) - Twilight Hammer EU - 1/6 HC

    We are an international guild. We are going to raid 10-man dungeons in the Mists of Pandaria with a decent pace, and maybe expand to 25-man in the future.

    We are currently recruiting all classes, but highly need a tank and a mele dps for our current progression.

    Raiding schedule
    Sunday 20:30 - 00:30
    Monday 20:30 - 00:30
    Tuesday 20:30 - 00:30
    Wednesday 20:30 - 00:30
    Thursday 20:30 - 00:30

    If there is interest it's possible that we will raid more days, do some alt-raids or old content raids.

    Things we want from you
    * You have to speak English
    * You need a stable Internet connection
    * You need to be present on Teamspeak during raids
    * Be prepared for raids, read up on bosses, come with flasks, fully enchanted and gemmed gear
    * Full knowledge of your class (including speccs, talent builds, rotation, gems and enchants)
    * Always playing at your best

    Things we can offer you
    * A friendly and guild atmosphere
    * Progress at a steady rate
    * People to hang out with outside of raids (Challenge modes, PvP, Dungeons)

    Please visit our website www . rwgaming . org
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    BUMP! need tanks urgently and mele dps ! 2nd boss almost down

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