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    Nordic jewelry help


    I've had an interest with the history of Norway for a long time now and still learning more about it every day. I am more interested in "Viking Norway", Sami People (Sámi), Shamanism and everything like that. I've spent a couple of hours searching for sites online that sell hand crafted nordic jewelry, most of the sites I've come across don't really sell anything hand made and to be honestly doesn't look how it's meant to look or got the wrong symbols on... It's been a pain! So I was hoping somebody could help me out a little!

    The style I am going for is something from this site I found


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    From what I've seen, many places that sell handcrafted jewelry are small businesses that don't seem to sell their stuff in online stores. I know I saw quite a bit of jewelry when I visited Norway, but when I came home and looked up some of the shops I saw it at online, they either didn't have a site I could find or they didn't sell stuff online. Since the Vikings obviously influenced your history a bit, are there any museums or cultural places in the UK you could check? I know there's a museum in the US, in Iowa, called Vesterheim that sells Norwegian goods so maybe you have something similar there?

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