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    Quote Originally Posted by Dotcha View Post
    ^^This so much. How can they get away with using a company's products as an anti campaign method. Blizzard and Activision aren't small fish either, I want to see how this pans out.
    Actually if they claim that the add was intended as parody they could, conceivably, get away with it. They could also claim fair use, though that might be harder to prove.

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    Anyone rolling female orc is worthy of my vote.

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    If i lived in Maine this would be what would seal the deal and making sure i did vote for her. Just the typical GOP tactic of she/he isnt one of us like they use against Obama for years now.

    Guess what GOP there are more than 68+ yr old Grumpy Old People out there ( most of them grumpy old white men but thats another story)

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    deaths per nice bullshit people make these days

    seems some sad angry people out there

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    Part of the reason I separate my real life and online life.

    Still, the campaign should be what they've done in goverment, not gaming in their free time. As long as what they do video game wise doesn't effect their job, then why should it matter?

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    The issue isn't that it matters, man, the issue is that this will sway some votes. Look at the highlighting, and then read it forgetting everything you know about context and wow speak, and they are trying to make her sound like she's a vicious person. We all know it's just as stupid as trying to portray a Pac Man player as a glutton because he has a strategy for "eating the most without getting hurt", but to a random person on the street, they are trying to portray her as barely constrained and violent, in the same way as my fictitious Pac Man quote would portray someone as a glutton. If your rogue doesn't poison and stab you are letting your friends down, because that's what you do to play as a rogue.

    Still, future lessons: Roll resto druid!

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    That's hilarious; I hope she slaughters this. Pun unintended. Maybe.

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    I find this attack advert incredibly offensive. References to it being "imaginary" and "a fantasy world" aren't true. There is nothing imaginary about the game. It exists, it may exist as a series of ones and zeroes, but there is nothing imagined about it. "Double life" also irks me. I think this has been worded purposefully to suggest there is something mentally wrong with the people who play WoW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slozon View Post
    Context? joke? Could be any number of reasons. Why does it matter that she said that in a game?
    In politics, context hardly matters. Candidates on both sides take each other's words out of context. But when people see things she's said in game.. It could speak a lot to somebody character when they aren't normally in the public spotlight.

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    Sadly, in American politics this happens all too often. If you run for any type of office fully expect your opponent will pull all your skeletons from your past into the open in attempt to turn voters against you. The worst part is it works. As the saying goes you could win or you can make your opponent lose.

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    I love the new term for DPS.
    Xmogging favorites in order from left to right.

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    Who ever created said poster is an absolute moron, literately a moron and can never be taken seriously, unless of course this is a joke which I think it is.

    Assassination Rogue, makes it sound like she is some sort of serial killer lol...
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    Deaths per second should become a meme.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yig View Post
    Deaths per second should become a meme.
    A political meme. Like with made up ratings for all the candidates...

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    I know Santiaga, I have played with her, and she is a warmhearted person, has worked very hard as a social worker for years, and has rarely played over the last two years, certainly not much at all since early 2011. This flyer is filled with lies about her and about gamers generally. Those remarks are all years old, taken out of context, and were meant to be funny, flippant and irreverant, just like Santiaga herself. All I can say is the desperation is palpable from the Maine Republicans if this is the best they could do - and I have heard from some Republicans who are disgusted by this kind of attack as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slozon View Post
    I love how dps = deaths per second
    Goes to show, how ignorant non-users are. hahahahahah
    Quote Originally Posted by bizzy View Post
    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    Deaths per second that sounds so awesome i love how old people always gets gamer abbreviations wrong

    I love how they highlight that she specs in assassination just to make it sound so badass when i bet she main specs as sub lol

    Also would it have sounded bad if she played a holy priest or a prot pally who loves to heal team mates or take damage

    This is so gonna backfire on the idiot who brought it up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skippy88 View Post
    Sadly, in American politics this happens all too often. If you run for any type of office fully expect your opponent will pull all your skeletons from your past into the open in attempt to turn voters against you. The worst part is it works. As the saying goes you could win or you can make your opponent lose.
    In the following decades, when today's youth is starting to apply for positions of high power it'll be a whole lot easier to dig dirt on them. Facebook, twitter, and whatever other social medias pop up will record their youthful mistakes.
    I don't hate you. I'm just not necessarily excited about your existence.

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    Ladies and gentlemen, the GOP representatives of my state.

    I'm embarrassed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvallas View Post
    I'm sure every single Grand Theft Auto player has said that at one time or another.
    And Skyrim players as well.

    I've played Skyrim occasionally when angry for the simple fact that I could kill people and not go to jail.

    I can separate fact from fiction. I know that the horrific acts of violence I commit in Skyrim would be terrible things to do in the real world. That's why its a fantasy.

    As long as you can separate fact from fiction, there's no harm in blowing off steam by killing truckloads of fictional people (or murlocs, or virmen, or whatever)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosWolf View Post
    ... man, and I thought Romney's ass-covering attempts after the "47%" leaks were pathetic politics. This trumps that by miles.

    Seriously, who the HELL cares what she does in her off-time? I like playing Mario games - does that mean if I run for office I'll have pro-turtle lobbyists on my ass? If she played a paladin, would they praise her for her sense of duty and religious devotion?

    If her playing an orc rogue is the worst dirt her opponents can dig up, then she's got this election nailed down.
    Exactly. obamas a muslim. What does that have to do with him being able to do his job as president. Nothing. His failure as president has nothing to do with his religion.

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