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    This constant laughing infront of org

    Doesnt anyone else get irritated by this? Its the most annoying laughs ever :|

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    what laughs?the only thing i hear that is laughing would be brewfest and that is only when you are rather close to it
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    I know what you mean, but for ironforge, i was thinking about handing out at brewfest, and seeing if they added anything worthwhile ( finished achievement years ago )
    and it was so loud that i had to leave, pretty funny though, i could imagine Blizz recording those conversations in a studio

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    Yeah, after years of doing it and then going back for anything new they added (had to pick up the new Keg Pony and Pandaren Brew Thing this year, which took a bit of grinding at their prices) the sounds really do grate on me. Whenever I'm in an area I've already "beaten," I must Music and play my own since I've heard it all before. The Brewfest "music," however, isn't even tied to the Music setting as it plays whether I mute it or not. I'm kind of thinking it must be linked with Ambience since it sets the mood for the event. Anyway, I always keep sounds and the like on for atmosphere and audio cues, so rather than turn everything off I have to just endure that raucous crap whenever I'm in the area.
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    'ERE! 'ERE! Al drink tah THAT!

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    There are people in Orgrimmar? MoP was designed to fix this issue

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    I gotta say I much prefer the Dwarves drunken merry going at Brewfest rather than those squeaky Goblins. I love the Dwarves being their jolly selves, but I try my hardest to stay away from the annoying Goblins.

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    "What do you call a Goblin...Mage?"
    "I don't know..."
    "A Goblin who can SPELL!"

    Its comedy gold!!! How can you hate it?? XD

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