Thread: SMF vs TG?

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    SMF vs TG?

    So, it's just early enough in the raiding scene to finalize your spec before we start getting handed epic weapons and switching becomes a tiny issue. To this end I was wondering how people felt about TG vs SMF.
    Especially as an Orc where I can get +1%/+1% Expertise using axes, and as it so happens our BiS 2-h for this expansion is an Axe, I am leaning toward TG...on the other hand every sim and most people agree SMF does more damage overall...on single target fights...and many fights are not single target.

    /Need guidance b4 head explodes

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    What's stopping you from switching between TG and SMF based on the weapons you have available?

    But yeah, I'm also having a very hard time choosing since I have good 463 weapons for both. It feels like SMF is stronger during execute phase and TG is the better choice for AoE, but I don't know... it's hard to choose based on target dummy tests too due to the lack of buffs and no execute phase on dummies.

    I'm also an orc, so if I could choose based on the MV loot I guess I'd go for SMF, but on the other hand I have no competition for 2h weps with our raid comp.

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