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    Overused sports terms

    Whether it be sports analysts, athletes, or coaches, some terms they use just annoy the crap out of me. Partly because they're overused, and partly because some of them make no sense.

    "Execute": You see athletes say this more than coaches. What does it mean? It's bad enough that athletes are some of the worst interviewees ever. Now they have to use some generic word that basically says "we didn't do our job". Execute. What exactly didn't you execute? I'd like to know. I got sick of the same generic responses like "we played hard" a long long time ago. I want to know details.

    "You look at...": Analysts are bad at this one. Again, what does it mean? It's a pointless statement that only serves to pretend these people are saying enough to make you think they're actually saying something that random fan 3.b couldn't say. This one goes far beyond the term itself, and more to the fact that I think most analysts never say a damn thing, but still.

    "Say hello to my little friend": I'll admit here that I've never seen the movie, but I know where it came from. I also know that sportscasters love to use this phrase for no reason whatsoever. It's not cool. It's not unique. Shut up, say something more meaningful.

    I will come up with more as I remember them, but please add your own.
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    Anything said by Lawrenson, Hansen or Shearer on Match of the Day!
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    Dynasty. Too often does a team that has a few good seasons in a row be considered a Dynasty,

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    I haven't seen much sports talk lately so I'm sure more will come to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venat View Post
    Dynasty. Too often does a team that has a few good seasons in a row be considered a Dynasty,

    This lately. There hasn't been a true sports dynasty in awhile. The NFL Patriots were close a few years back and one could argue that they WERE a dynasty but I would disagree. The 49'ers of the 80's and early 90's, the Cowboys of the 90's were dynasties.

    That being said I laughed when sports writers were saying that the MLB Dodgers would begin a dynasty in the NL west after they bought 1/3 of the Red Sox. Please allow me to laugh myself to the bank.

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    Lockout and CBA are two that I'm really sick of hearing.

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    anything out of Chris Berman's mouth
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    Ah yeah...

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    "as cool as the other side of the pillow"

    I can make some really vulgar comments here, but all I can say is this one makes less sense than the rest. Make it stop, please make it stop.

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    Pick 6
    Cherry Picking
    Cheating (to one side)
    Freezes (QB freezes safety with pump fake, D.Rose froze him on the cross over)
    Run the clock
    Threads the needle
    Tight Window

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    Ugh, very simple. "Record" or "only" or "first".

    Everything these days is the first or the only person to do some interesting, but ultimately trivial, feat. Only person in NFL history to catch a touchdown pass from both the left and right hashmark in the fourth quarter while it was raining and between 50 and 70 degrees under cloudy skies? That's cool and all, but that really is not a record. The record for the most consecutive games with a tackle while wearing a cast on the right arm and getting over the flu? Again, congratulations, but let's not give it a 15 minute SportsCenter discussion.

    And yeah, I agree with 'dynasty' too.

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    Epic Comeback and Epic Meltdown are two terms that I have seen, although some recent events are actually fitting of those two terms. (i.e. the Red Sox's epic September collapse last year.)

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    chris bermans voice changes itself from beginning of a sentence to the end of a sentence. I wonder if its a medical condition...

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    I remember when Dick Vital was saying the "Throw it down big man", when Shaq was playing.

    It was so annoying, and got so bad that even his the other sports casters had to tell him to SHUT UP!!!


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    These make me cringe in college football broadcasts:

    Take it to the house/crib. This cliché needs to stay back in 1995 where it belongs.

    Pin their ears back. A defensive unit is not a cat preparing for a catfight.

    Swagger. It's so overused that it's become a meaningless superlative when talking about a player's (or unit's) confidence or the lack thereof. Analysts need to remember we're watching football games and not Errol Flynn movies.

    Inconsistent. This term, usually applied to a quarterback, is the analyst's polite way of saying "You really suck at throwing." If your completion percentage is lacking and you've tossed four interceptions in the game, you're anything but inconsistent -- you suck consistently.

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    Swagger is definately the most overused

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    Gaudy: They use this when talking about someone with insanely high stats. Not only is it a stupid way to do so, it's also grammatically incorrect. Stop it.

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    "Rockin the Suburbs, just like x did": I used to like this song. Then I started watching ESPN. What does it even mean? Nothing.

    "Point of attack": Ok, I hear this in football, and maybe it has some kind of meaning I'm not aware of. But, whenever they use it, they seem to imply that the "point of attack" is where the defender "attacks" the ball carrier. So, if it's a "great job by the defender at the point of attack", then he did a good job tackling the ball carrier when he tried to tackle the ball carrier. See how redundantly stupid that sounds?

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    "A great advert for the game." Nobody has ever started watching football because Lionel Messi did one of his little flicks. They either already watch football or couldn't give a shit.

    "There are no easy games at this level." Yes there fucking are.

    "This game needs a goal." No fucking shit. Who turns up wanting to watch a 0-0 draw?

    "At the end of the day." What the fuck does this have to do with anything? It's a convenient way to fill up time without actually saying anything.

    "We have to take it one game at a time." I'd certainly not advise playing two games at once, you fucking gobshite.

    "They left it all on the field." All what? And will they get it back in time for next week?

    "Either team could still win this one." No fucking shit.

    "They're a good footballing team." Yeah, because they're footballers. Did you expect them to fuck off and play ping pong?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tommypilgrim View Post
    "At the end of the day." What the fuck does this have to do with anything? It's a convenient way to fill up time without actually saying anything.
    Yeah, a lot of the good (or bad, I guess) ones are just filler, like my "You look at x team/x player". You kind of have to give athletes a little pass, but when analysts start saying it...
    Quote Originally Posted by tommypilgrim View Post
    "They're a good footballing team." Yeah, because they're footballers. Did you expect them to fuck off and play ping pong?
    This one kills me. I hear commentators say things like "that's a football player". Really? Because I was for sure I was watching a basketball game. I was trying to figure out why the court was so long, outside, and they were using this weird shaped ball, and there were no hoops. That's a terrible basketball game.

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