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    What Class Should I level?

    After waiting to let the initial surge of players get through the leveling zones, I am ready to level one of my 85's to 90. At my disposal at 85 I have: DK, Priest, Paladin, Rogue. Any advice on which I should level first?

    For some background I am mostly focused on PVE with some minor PVPing (not serious at all) with rl friends. I am fairly casual now (thanks real world + career) but I have an eye for raiding. So having said all that, which four of those classes seems to be the most powerful at the moment as well as in demand?

    Any thoughts would be helpful!

    TL;DR: Which would you level first? Priest, Rogue, DK, or Pally?

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    hello , wel for those clases the one i like the most is paladin since i like healing/tanking , but recently i feel in this xpac holy paladins got boring imo , but if you go paladin all 3 specs are doing good in PVE and well in pvp Ret burst is great and Holy in pvp is great too for casual pvp , on the other classes Dk and priest are the next one in my list since they can do good PVE support taking/healing and well Blood dks in pvp are bosses!! and well Spriest in pvp are GODS! soo those are my choices : Paly>Dk>Priest>Rogue.


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    Thanks for your response... that's generally the order I was thinking, I guess I just want to make sure paladins are performing horribly at 90 or anything.

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