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  • Current system. Dailies only for Rep. JP/VP needs Rep.

    159 40.56%
  • Wrath/Cata system. Tabards and Dailies for Rep. JP/VP buys gear regardless of Faction.

    181 46.17%
  • I like a different system.

    52 13.27%
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    I don't like it now, it feels WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too mandatory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    I find the whole idea of doing only dailies for rep rather retarded. Previous model was better.
    Pretty much. I don't know why we can't get tabards for at least some of the factions.
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    The rep grind was Blizzard's attempt to solve the problem of "people aren't out in the world".

    They need to find better solutions to this problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    The rep grind was Blizzard's attempt to solve the problem of "people aren't out in the world".

    They need to find better solutions to this problem.
    Frankly I don't even think it's a solution. I mean to people who don't like the rep grind they look around and say well what now?

    It's stunning that this is the best they could come up with though. They're really scrapping the bottom of the barrel at this point.
    The hammer comes down:
    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Normal should be reduced in difficulty. Heroic should be reduced in difficulty.
    And the tiny fraction for whom heroic raids are currently well tuned? Too bad,so sad! With the arterial bleed of subs the fastest it's ever been, the vanity development that gives you guys your own content is no longer supportable.

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    I like the new system. I think it brings back the "effort" feel when you get an item after being revered/exalted. I simply love the little buzz I get when I finally hit exalted and make my way to the quartermaster which I have no idea where its located.

    Simply amazing.
    Keep it please.

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    Makes it feel more like BC. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, welcome to the world of warcraft noobs. You're lucky you get rewards from doing random dungeons at all!

    Also your poll left out the BC system and the vanilla system (which for vanilla was straight grind for the most part.)

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    yea i hate the current system which is why i didnt buy MOP. I was hoping it would change a little once people started playing the game but i was sorely mistaken. It just seems like a very huge time sink and i would rather not pay for a game thats going to have me grind like that. Wish it were different but oh well...

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    One of the things I don't like. A semi-forced grind.

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    Dailies ... zzzzzzz, not for me at all - i'm not a robot.
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    If it does not involve instances in some way, it's a terrible system imo. Even the BC model is better than this. Dailies for rep for a few factions? Maybe. All of them? Heartbreaking.

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    Its nice that I have something to do on non-raid nights. But on raid nights I'm busy as hell lol

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