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    [Holy] PvP trinkets?

    Heya guys,

    Question if fairly simple, what trinkets do you prefer for PvP as a Holy Paladin? I'm having trouble deciding.. I am Horde, so the Freedom trinket is given, using spirit version atm.

    The second trinket however, I'm currently running Price of Progress, but I intend to swap it for a PvP trinket, or maybe a higher tier PvE, not sure. The on use spell power trinket feels pretty nice, the passive pvp power on it equals about 5% increased healing, with increased burst healing potential with the on use. On the otherhand, the spirit battlemaster trinket is pretty nice too, the on use effect can surely save you from death, and it includes a nice bunch of passive spirit for regen.

    As it stands right now, I have yet to run oom once in arena (only done about 70 games so far though). My mana feels pretty stable in RBGs as well.

    I really can't decide which one I want. Opinions? What are you running etc?

    Edit: as a side note, what do people prefer to gem for PvP? I'm running my current PvE gemming setup atm, meaning max spirit pretty much, sitting at around 8k spirit in PvP gear. Thinking of going Resilience instead though, since my mana isn't an issue, and being unkillable is fun.. Again, thoughts?
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