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    What is the relevance of any of these things to topic at hand? If they chose shitty coding/design methods that aren't reasonably fixable in an MMO, it's a support failure. If they did proper coding and design but failed to fix anyway, it's a support failure.

    Either way, it's a support failure. Why does it matter in what way it is a support failure?
    or maybe the system of events is alot harder to fix than reg mmo quests. There are prolly alot more pieces to the puzzle. If you think they shouldnt have done events and gone with reg quests then the game turns out to be just like all the other MMO's. Im not going to fault them for choosing a harder design because i like how the events run. So a few are broken and get broken agian and agian. There are other things to do in the game.

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    Ive not seen a single bug / broke event yet, im level 80 and ive not had one problem, so there must be something wrong on your end.
    This kind of stuff irks me to no end.

    Players say there are bugs. Developers say there are bugs, and address them. Some small, some large and progress-blocking.

    But no, YOU claim they're not there. That it's on "our end". Either you're just blinded to them, or flat out lying.

    (I don't even know what frame of mind you'd have to be in to think that a broken event is on the players' end, anyway.)
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