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    Would have given it about a 6 last week. Felt like World of Dailies. After doing Vaults though I'd give it a 9. If the standard set there is uphelp it'll be a great expac

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    I'm enjoying it so far, but at the same time, part of me finds it a bit difficult to get involved. but that is probably due to my dislike for endless questing

    I found the levelling to be much more linear this expansion compared to previous ones.
    I felt like this because previously i would quest do about an hours worth of quests then do a dungeon. but with only 4 available (2 at 85, 2 at 88) they got very tiresome very quickly. so teh questing slogs felt much longer than it had done before, and while i wouldnt go as far as to say i got burnt out, i certianly wanted a break from questing once i hit cap before i begun the daily quest grind (which a week later im regretting because the rest of my guild is decked out in crafted epics an im in dungeon blues )

    I'm not saying this is a bad thing about the expansion, the story that the quests and even some of the dailies tell is fantastic, and so far one of my more favourable levelling experiences. Just for my playstyle i think there is too much emphasis on quest grinding and not enough alternative routes, especially if you want to get into raiding quickly (unless your wealthy and can buy gear from AH)

    As for the difficulty, id say the [heroic] dungeons are the easiest dungeons ive ever ran.
    we cheesed the lfg system using bag gear to raise our ilevel at 90 and didnt struggle at all, working out on the fly what was going on and how to cope with it. I might even go as far as to say the nerfed cata heroics were harder... but then ive not tried the challenge modes yet, and from what i hear, they live up to their name, so im looking forward to many failed attempts on those (as failure only makes success all the more exciting)

    I can't really comment too much about the raiding side yet as my guild has only attempted the first boss, but from looking at him compared to other first tier bosses, he seems easy enough to kill relatively quickly, but not so easy that its boring. or from the other point of view, hard enough to be a challenge, but not so hard you get bored...

    i havnt touched on PVP yet, so wont bother commenting

    Overall I'd definately give mists of Pandaland a 7.
    If you enjoy questing, you'll be over the moon. if you dont, there are still lots of other things to keep you occupied.

    if you want things handed to you on a plate, then this is not the game for you
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    Questing was good, dailies feel like a job, heroics are 10 minute faceroll hallways

    not sure about raids

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    PVP balance non - NO NO NO
    PVE blance - NO
    PVE DIFI 5
    PVE story 1
    PVE content - im lvl 90 trough quests i dont know the history so no

    FIX pvp and the stupid jp/vp/honor/conq vendors shud move back to SW or IF then i will go from 7 to 8

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    Vanilla: 3
    TBC: 4
    WotLK: 1
    Cata: 5
    MoP: 2

    1-5 1 being highest.

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    It's alright. Levelling was really boring this time around and the rep grinds are beginning to...erm.....grind.
    Dungeons are ok so long as you get a decent group without ninjapulling trolls.
    Scenarios seem totally pointless to me.

    I'll give it a 7/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by anabolicz View Post

    FIX pvp and the stupid jp/vp/honor/conq vendors shud move back to SW or IF then i will go from 7 to 8

    Terrible idea, I like how when out questing and buying from vender's you can see more people. This was an excellent change from blizzard, getting people out of the cities

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    9/10. best expansion this far

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macatamy View Post
    Terrible idea, I like how when out questing and buying from vender's you can see more people. This was an excellent change from blizzard, getting people out of the cities
    This. I totally agree, CRZ and this makes the world more alive. I've been farming UP for a while, one day afk'ing outside I actually saw other people - love it!

    OT, I love MoP, all the small details, everything. I don't agree on the new reputation changes though, it's cool your alts get double rep when your main is revered or more, but a main getting double rep from revered to exalted is a joke, imo

    MoP is a 10/10 for me!

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    i think this plus chen stormstout = best expansion of all time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ignorado View Post
    This. I totally agree, CRZ and this makes the world more alive. I've been farming UP for a while, one day afk'ing outside I actually saw other people - love it!
    Yea well, before CRZ people whined because nobody were in old zones and there was no world pvp. Now people whine that there's people in the old zones and there's world pvp.

    Strange world we're living in.

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    In terms of first couple of weeks after expansions I am really enjoying it. Much better then cata and wrath in terms of things to do and why to do it. Farming rep, having to get all gear from HCs rather then part justice. Trying to get world boss kills on a busy server every couple of hours and get my cooking up.
    Its a littler over whelming really. Especially for a casual raider its tough to keep up. Haven't even touched pet battles or PVP yet.
    Have done some challenge modes and those are awesome. Real test of skill rather then gear. Lets see how our first raid feels.
    Highly recommend, hopefully blizzard keep it up as this could be my favorite expansion.

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    Oh words cannot describe how good this expansion set it. If you liked the feeling of mystery and wonder from previous expansions you will love this. Others have already stated why it's great so I will not repeat them but overall so far this blows TBC out of the water (not raided yet so don't go all crazy that I said that)

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    I just don't know what to play. No matter which of my 85s I want to level in pandaria, I just get piss bored by the time I reach 87.

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    I would give it a 9 so far. Love the rep system. I have not been able to raid yet as i have been chain running heroics, but the gear is just not dropping. So i will judge that once i get it going.

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    I hated Cataclysm. It remains a pile of garbage and I think Blizzard should have given you MoP for free if you bought it. That said, since GW2 also sucks, I decided to give MoP a shot. Well, gotta say, MoP is pretty sweet. I'm diggin my class changes, enjoyed leveling (no flying till 90 was definitely the RIGHT call), now that I'm 90 I literally have too much to do and I love it. I can't get it all done which just makes me want to log back in and keep playing. It's actually an awful lot of fun.

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    Ok I'll be honest. It was a good start, but now the shine is wearing off. Leveling seemed to drag on forever (especially 88-90). I hate the daily grind for reputation (seriously, I hate daily quests with a passion). The dungeons are pathetically easy outside of perhaps the last few trash packs in Shado-pan Monastery which can be brutal, but even those have started to wear thin to the point where it's now just "Damn it I want this over fast and hope my piece drops". The scenery, however, is gorgeous and I absolutely love it. I can't speak to raiding yet as my group isn't ready yet but I hear that it's pretty tough and the difficulty was jacked up quite a bit from Beta. I don't PVP at all.

    At this point, the raid will make or break it for me. If I'm enjoying it, I'll stay. If not, then I'm done. I don't find grinding out rep to be fun. I don't find relying on RNG to be fun. I don't find having to run 30+ dailies a day, some of which can take a long time with everyone else doing them, to be fun. MoP has more content, yes, but IMHO it's not FUN or interesting content.
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    PVP Balance - Don't know, haven't done PvP since BC (on accont of the rest of BC being a boring simple snorefest) despite being on a PvP realm.

    PVE Balance - Leveling - As a warrior, I enjoyed questing up until half way through 89, then it got really disjointed, buggy and a bit of a grind.
    Heroics - Far far far too easy, bring back the Cataclysm 5 mans pre-nerf. I find it hilarious that people whinged for "Dungeons to be harder, like BC" so they made them harder and everyone whinged that "Dungeons are unrealisticly hard and need a nerf". GG to the BC nostalgia crew still not understanding the difference between 'dificult content' / 'high skill ceiling' and 'stupid timesink before simple fights'.
    Raiding - Not done a lot of it at the moment, we went nto MV blind and killed the first boss in 4 pulls with a new raid team. But I'll give it a chance and not speak on difficulty or lack thereof untill I've done HC's. However, the mechanics of the boss were entertaining for me.
    Dailies - Bad bad bad bad bad mechanic. Can not stress this enough. I should not have to spend weeks and weeks farming mats for stuff thats not my food/gold/dailies/motes to trade in and scrounge together iron paw tokens to get enough top level buff food ingredients to make myself enough for one raid day. Its an artificial speedbump that needs patching out. The rest of the Rep grind I couldn't give two hoots about. Grinding rep for top level recipies is far better than hoping for a random drop TBH.
    PVE Difficulty compared to WOTLK Difficulty - I think this is a bit too vague of a question to answer, see the replies from Choptimus. Are you talking wrath release? ICC? HC's? Nax?
    Story Depth (With 1 being boring and 10 being interesting, and gripping) (Does the PVE content relate to, and bolster the story line?) - I love the story stuff. Do the Lorewalkers rep to Exalted and actually listen/watch the stories, very entertaining and give you a feel for the expansion.


    Amazing Artwork
    Beautiful Environments
    Interesting Lore
    Pet Battles!!!!
    Challenge Modes
    New Content

    Buff Food Restrictions
    5 Mans Far Too Easy (Bring back pre-nerf cata heroics)
    Forced Rep Grinds (To a certain extent, ie 'you cant grind rep with x faction until you have with y faction)

    Overall - I'm enjoying the expansion but its by no means perfect and some things NEED to be patched ASAP (Buff food mats requiring Iron Paw tokens for example).

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    The levelling progress was much more fun than any previous expansions, the lore was also a lot better.

    The PvE content is rather rubbish thus far though, the heroics are Wrath difficulty, exactly the same, which makes it boring and one big zerging AoE party. The normal versions of the 4 dungeons that have them are harder than the heroics, which is where it shows as a design flaw. Haven't tried Mogu'shan Vaults because I have a hard time going into heroics because I hate them.

    Levelling and lore would go for a 9 thus far.

    Dungeons would be a 3, simply because they aren't as annoying as the Wrath ones, no Halls of Lightning, Stone or Reflection is a big plus.

    It does have a lot more to do than in previous expansions, so that does rank it up.

    So that would be a 7/10 right now. My ratings thus far would be:

    Vanilla: 9/10 (Amazing for its time, and still very good today imo)
    TBC: 7/10 (Had its up and downs)
    Wrath: 3/10 (Only Ulduar and the LK fight keeps it from minimum score)
    Cata: 5/10 (9/10, if not 10/10 at release. Went downhill really fast sadly)
    MoP: 7/10 (I hope that it can hold steady, or maybe even get better with time)

    I hope that this expansion gets a lot better once I get raiding and all the release raids have opened, fights like Sha of Fear and Shek'zeer sounds amazing. I'm hoping they're not too easy though.
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    best thus far for me atleast, the biggest shock was the number of dailies available each day, as someone who did rarely spend 2 hours doing dailies in cata it was a shock to spend something like 4-5 hours on dailies( i am not exaggerating, might be the disorganized way i do the quests so i end up flying all over the continent ) in terms of ratings

    pvp: N/A since i don't pvp
    pve: seems fairly balanced for 5 mans atleast can't say much in regards to raids since the only bosses i've done is Sha of anger, Galleon and Feng the Accursed but from my experience with those three it seems fairly well balanced so it will be a 8/10 mainly due to my inexperience in Mogu'shan vaults.
    PvE difficulty: i'd say 8-9/10 the dungeons aren't as facerollable as the Wotlk ones from my experiences but they aren't quite as hard the Cata ones before nerfs as for the raiding i found on Feng the accursed atleast that there is a small margin for errors ( fx. people not moving from lightning fist or standing in fire which can lead to mana issues for the healers in the last phase) let alone how fast arcane resonance can fuck you over during 3rd phase.

    the story i give a 10/10 because for me the story have been the most gripping for any expansion thus far.

    overall a solid 9/10
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