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    Be real... How is MoP? Be 100% honest

    I know a lot of people will overhype a game that they like and that they want to do well. I don't want anybody to lie, I don't want anybody to exaggerate, and I don't want anybody to troll. I just want your 100% honest opinion on how MoP is so far. Please rate the following categories on a scale of 1/10. 1 being worst, and 10 being best.
    PVP Balance
    PVE Balance
    PVE Difficulty compared to WOTLK Difficulty (1 being way easier, 10 being way harder, 5 being about the same)
    Story Depth (With 1 being boring and 10 being interesting, and gripping) (Does the PVE content relate to, and bolster the story line?)

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    I really like it.
    Admitedly it's a bit of a shock, that there are so many dailies to do every day, but you get into that rythm quite quickly.
    The Heroic Dungeon seems a bit Faceroll, even this early, but that's where the challenge-modes come in handy :P
    The tillers is Just hillarious! \o/

    Overall a very good experience!

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    i give it a 7. Better than i expected to be honest. But i guess like everybody else that plays wow i dont expect a second coming of TBC.

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    It's meh. Like any other wow expansion.

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    Better than Cata so far.

    But I reserve my judgement until I do MV.
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    I really like it so far. I don't like giving ratings but I had relatively high expectations (not expecting BC, was expecting like Wrath or better) that have been met so far. I am really enjoying Monk too

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    8 so far. Enjoying it, and with the reputation changes they are planning to fix one of my biggest concerns. (rep/multiple characters)
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    PVP Balance: N/A (I dont PvP)

    PVE Balance: Seems fairly balanced, can still use a little work.

    PVE Difficulty: 3. Easier than WotLK, until you get to the endless rep grinding, which are easy, just REALLY annoying.

    Story Depth: 9. I didn't read most of the quests, but of the ones that I did read I loved it, along with the cut scenes.
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    I'm loving it. I've still got a laundry-list of things I want to do, but I'm an altoholic with soloing issues, so that makes me a bit of an outlier.

    But really, I think it's all down to what happens next. As usual, Blizzard is trying a lot of new stuff in 5.0... 5.1's feature set and delivery date should both prove interesting.

    (Not going to give ratings, I'm afraid... they hide much more than they reveal).
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    Said to a guildy the other night that the current PVE systems regarding rep, dailies and the overall feel to it reminded me a lot of TBC.
    I can only hope that the raids are of similar quality as TBC. So far I am having an absolute blast.
    World Bosses - Check
    Decent rep Grind and rewards - Check
    Interesting scenery and quests - Check
    Whole new continent to explore - Check

    This expansion is so far, for me, Standing Head and shoulders above Cataclysm in so many many ways.

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    I don't think people have figured MoP out enough to comment on PVE Balance... everybody tends to whine.
    PVE Difficulty for heroics is almost non existant. You can tank and spank all bosses and ignore their mechanic, save two bosses with very mild mechanics that every group tends to wipe on because they are not expecting anything at first.

    Althoug people might have a better grasp on PvP balance, they will still whine and most likely fail to give you any honest evaluation of PvP (although they will try).

    I can say that pandaria is designed very well, and that the quests are of great quality and varied well. The shortfall for me are the daily quests you feel obliged to do. It is in the nature of dailies to be repetive, but despite Blizzard claiming Pandaria dailies are abundant and fun, they really aren't. They feel like a chores, a mindless grind you cannot feel and see yourself repeating all over again. I wouldn't mind, weren't they a huge "feature" of 5.0 content.

    Pet battles, insignificant as they are, turned out better than expected.

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    I dont like the quests while leveling... at all

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    I'm going to say the best judge of the game for you IS you... thats 100% honest... if you aren't gonna check it out and looking for an excuse not to then dont...

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    For PvP there is a lot more CC/stuns and all that shit that you never had before. A warlock will fear you, stun you for a few seconds, once you get out of that stun its another stun and it gets really annoying. Warriors will stun you like crazy even if they aren't prot, etc. IMO its really annoying, can't even play my characters at times so I think BG's right now are kinda dumb. Hopefully arenas will be different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xosimos View Post
    PVE Difficulty: 3. Easier than WotLK, until you get to the endless rep grinding, which are easy, just REALLY annoying.
    How can you say that when heroics aren't even out yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xosimos View Post
    Story Depth: 9. I didn't read most of the quests, but of the ones that I did read I loved it, along with the cut scenes. can you give it a 9/10 when you didn't even bother to read most of it?

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    I give it an 8/10 so far.

    Much better than Cata was.

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    PvE = blizzard said challenge modes will be the hardest content in game and looking at guys who stream those like sco they look pretty easy... norlams and heroics are just joke

    PvP = blizzard said this exp will focus more to pvp compared to other expansion, yet they fail to reset mmr, too much CC and those 2 new BG's are just lame copies from other games

    scenarios are just there for you if you are bored "3 man zergfest" and same with pokemons... sure they might be fun when they are new, but gets boring pretty fast. It took 1 week before blizzard game up with that reputation thing and now even farming reputation is a joke... how does it make sense that you need more rep in honored -> revered than revered -> exalted...
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    9/10 for me as it stand right now. Very fun expansion.

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    I like it. It seems to be heading in a direction of more farming, which is something I love, but my time at this time of year is rather limited.

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