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    I give it about 8.5/10. Definitely a step up from Cata.

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    Im going 7/10 so far, havent raided yet, but prolly will tonite.

    Heroics are quick and painless, but theres the option of challenge mode for well.. the challenge!

    TONS of dailies to do, and guess what, you dont HAVE to do them all, Im just working on two reps atm, and when I finish them I'll be able to do two different reps! Isn't that neat..

    I didnt like the JP / VP / Rep situation at launch, but they were remarkably fast in making fixes to it, and I like the changes they made

    Pet Battles are totally a "I wanna be on and chat but dont feel like playing" thing, and I am enjoying it WAY more than I expected to.

    I rerolled monk, and am enjoying the pants off it, DPS / Tank roles are both extremely fun to play, and very rewarding for being played well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Choptimus View Post
    How can you say that when heroics aren't even out yet?
    They didn't ask about future things, they asked how it is SO FAR.
    Quote Originally Posted by iceberg265 View Post can you give it a 9/10 when you didn't even bother to read most of it?
    Please, read the entire line. "... but of the ones that I did read I loved it, along with the cut scenes."
    The cut scenes told most of the story anyways.
    "We learn from history, that we learn nothing from history." - George B. Shaw

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    Once i finish the daily grind and i can actually log on and pick things i want to do, not things i am forced to do, ill have more fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eowenn View Post
    Here's my honest opinion on Pandaria.

    - More end game content than Cataclysm
    - The new talent system
    - Leveling is fun (for the most part)
    - Pet battles
    - Story seems very good
    - GORGEOUS landscapes/artwork
    - Pandaren
    - Monks seem fairly balanced (to me at least)
    - New BGs with new game play mechanics
    - Professions are interesting (I'm an engineer, and the stuff I can make is actually useful and entertaining compared to the cataclysm items)
    - CRZ and World PvP (Some people thing CRZ is the doom of WoW, but I happen to enjoy the extra bodies to kill!)
    - No flying until level 90
    - Some of the new factions are interesting, and have nice rewards to make you want to do their daily quests (even though I despise dailies.)

    - Daily quests are playing a large part (too large for my taste,) even if the rewards are nice
    - Dungeons are easy (I know people complained about the difficulty of the cataclysm heroics, but I enjoyed the challenge) (Yes I know challenge modes are there for those who want the challenge) They just felt very simple and rushed
    - Scenarios (same reasons as the dungeons)
    - The humour. I was unsure of where I was going to put this because I felt it was somewhere in the middle. At times I found myself laughing my ass off because of some of the things thrown in for a laugh, but at times I felt that there was unnecessary humour. So this is more of a situational pro/con.
    - Still no huge incentive to help other players out. It really limits the community (especially since it seems most people are ass holes in this game now...) You get the periodic nice person who will help, but for the most part people will feel that its not worth their time.
    - Bugs. I know its new, but I ran into quite a few bugs that limited my game play to the point of having to stop leveling entirely for a while because mobs were spawning under the terrain.

    To sum up my opinion, I feel that the game looks like a work of art. The landscape is beautiful, and even if your quest is tedious, there's something nice to look at. I felt that for the amount of people who participated in the beta and the length of the beta that more of the bugs should have been fixed. Especially when they were obvious bugs. I've enjoyed my time in Pandaria so far, but I feel that the expansion may not be enough to pull back those who left during Cataclysm. However, those who are still playing seem to enjoy it, myself included.

    Although.... I'm still waiting for Gnomeregan to be ours again...
    That's my 100% honest opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xosimos View Post
    They didn't ask about future things, they asked how it is SO FAR.
    In that case you're just ignorant or didn't play WoTLK.

    WOTLK initial content was cleared with everybody in sunwell gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skatblast View Post
    i give it a 7. Better than i expected to be honest. But i guess like everybody else that plays wow i dont expect a second coming of TBC.
    the second coming of BC wouldn't sell. if you think i'm wrong, find you a bc server and go play it and realize how crude it feels compared to today, how much easier it is now that even bads are more experienced with the genre and how boss mechanics aren't new and exciting.

    vanilla and bc were hard mostly because everyone was fucking awful

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    It's fine. Without rested xp, the quests don't really level you fast enough (though they're not that under), and in valley you hit a series of 'help the panda farmers' which i HATED. A lot of the quest design is standard WoW stuff. Pluses - they're broken up into mini quest lines. Minuses - there's a transition in valley from "I'm part of an elite fighting force" to "WTF am I doing helping some Panda protect his turnips???" That gets a LOT better in Kun Lai and Townlong.

    The grind for rep and gear will annoy Wrath and Cata people because it's much harder to gear than it was in those xpacs (so far). However, I'm fine with that. I alwyas thought that gear systems that made it not just possible but easy to raid get 5,6, 10 toons were a bad idea.

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    PVP Balance - 7 (because my main didnt receive enough love and is not pewpew'ing), but 9 overall. still the best mmo pvp imo (even with GW2 out).
    PVE Balance - 9, its what blizzard does and does best.
    PVE Difficulty - 5, comparable to WotLK
    Story Depth - 9, pandaria, pandas, fish guys, monkey guys, stone guys, mantis guys, lizard guys, new tauren guys, they all have their own story that's new and worth learning.

    now some things you didn't mention but i'll add:

    wow pokemon - 9
    wow farmville - 7
    dailies - 5 (because im not a quest freak, let alone have to quest every day...)
    professions - 5 (great changes, but now you have to actually "play" your toons. im one of those guys that have toons just for their professions, not because i wanted to pve or pvp with them)
    black market - 9, because i can haz gold and not a poor person
    CRZ - 9, because the QQ over this has jacked up the respawn rates on ores and herbs (and no, if you didn't find TLPD in WotLK or Cata, you won't find it in MoP because you just haz bad luck, nothing to do with CRZ)

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    PVP Balance: There are some imbalances that are always going to happen in the first seasons of any xpac. The season just began Tuesday so there's not really a large sample size. People aren't near being fully geared, gemmed, chanted yet, not to mention people still haven't adjusted to the changes to each class yet. People are still learning. Based on my games played so far, it's solid however based on the above I'd give a 6/10, since in reality we just don't know.

    PVE Balance: Again same as the above. It's been less than a week since the first raid has opened. Heroics aren't available yet and all the PvE content won't be available for a few more weeks. I think all classes are pretty close, again we don't know. 6/10

    PVE Difficulty compared to WOTLK Difficulty: Heroics are a complete joke in difficultly now, but they aren't meant to be the pinnacle of 5 man content any longer. Challenge modes are there and do require a lot of synergy and effort between the members of the groups. They're incredibly fun and difficult. As far as raiding, I'm sure normal modes aren't all that difficult. I will say from doing LFR on Beta, I do like a lot of the fights that I've done in all of the instances. Heroic raids aren't available yet and that's really where I enjoy the game the most in regards to raiding so I can't give a judgement there. See a theme?

    Story Depth: Can't give you an answer here because I don't care at all about lore.

    Overall it's just too early to get a real good idea of how the expansion is going to be.

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    Can only speak from a PvP perspective but honestly it seems like the same old crap of Cata, unbalanced lolfest. Probably give it a 4/10 so far, although I do highlight so far since it could easily change and it's the first tier.

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    I'm extremely pleased that they made the quest lines more self-contained. (Pandarian Loremaster is easy) There's a ton of attention to detail in the dialog and variety in the quest objectives. Having dailies to do at 90 completely fixes the problem of "hit max level, level alt until next raid day." Much of this reminds me of how people described BC. Tons and tons of rep grinding, raids that require more than tank and spank, versions of dungeons that are so hard that only the seriously skilled players think they're not ridiculously difficult and, most of all, the continent is friggin beautiful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sanaubia View Post
    PvE = blizzard said challenge modes will be the hardest content in game and looking at guys who stream those like sco they look pretty easy... norlams and heroics are just joke
    of course when you watch pros beat a hard mode its easy. Hell I see people down Heroic Raids all the time, that makes it easy right? I see people score high on CoD, I see people do crazy combos in fighting games, I see the best Starcraft player beat everyone, people earn perfects in games, even seen this and know they used a program to do it that means I can do it too and don't need to prove it cus I can. I see professional Athletes make a sport looks so easy I'm sure even I can play at their level because they make it easy and I never tried and don't need too. everyone but me is a noob for not beating them and me I'm a pro because I saw it on the internet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Choptimus View Post
    In that case you're just ignorant or didn't play WoTLK.

    WOTLK initial content was cleared with everybody in sunwell gear.
    MoP initial content was cleared with everyone in Dragon Soul gear, at least in my guild.
    At least the initial dungeons in WotLK was harder than, "Oh he's casting, I better step to the side like I do on all the other boss fights."
    "We learn from history, that we learn nothing from history." - George B. Shaw

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    I've been extremely critical of Blizzard over the past year or so. I was extremely hesitant about buying MoP but against better judgement a couple of friends talked me into it. The price was also good to I felt. Only 40$ which isn't bad. I must say that I have enjoyed myself overall and the experience has been pleasant but not without headaches. Some terrible and regressive decisions have been made but their being looked into even as we speak and I trust the company knows where it's bread is being buttered. If that trust is violated then I will simply bid them a due until they come to their senses.
    The hammer comes down:
    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Normal should be reduced in difficulty. Heroic should be reduced in difficulty.
    And the tiny fraction for whom heroic raids are currently well tuned? Too bad,so sad! With the arterial bleed of subs the fastest it's ever been, the vanity development that gives you guys your own content is no longer supportable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kioshi View Post
    of course when you watch pros beat a hard mode its easy. Hell I see people down Heroic Raids all the time, that makes it easy right? I see people score high on CoD, I see people do crazy combos in fighting games, I see the best Starcraft player play, it look so easy, just because they make it easy and I never tried them it auto makes everyone they play against noobs and me a pro.
    if you have played the same game for 8y you can see what is easy and what is hard...

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    PvP is currently quite unplayable. Too many classes depend on 3min burst, and classheals / stuns who does not share diminshing returns are just plain silly. I'd love to see some tweeks on damage and stun. Next to that, I like it.

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    It's giving me too many thing to do.

    This is an odd, but nice, feeling.
    "There is a pervasive myth that making content hard will induce players to rise to the occasion. We find the opposite. " -- Ghostcrawler
    "Almost every time I have gotten to know a critic personally, they keep up with the criticism but lose the venom." -- Ghostcrawler
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    I know I shouldn't give a rating this early into the xpac, however it's been a blast for me so far.
    Not even max level yet so busy leveling my main, my monk (58 yeah, here I comes outland!) and auctionning like crazy with all my alts.
    Not to mention tillers and pet battles which are surprisingly fun.
    Overall it's a 9.5 for me so far.

    And the announced changes to reputation clear one of my biggest concern for max level.
    Edit: and this is coming from someone who *hated* Cata and was unsubbed for most of it.
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    8.8/10 and I still havn't raided, done pet battles or finish all my dailies. I'm so far behind but I'm hoping to catch up once my Monk is 90.
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