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    Quote Originally Posted by Valleera View Post
    Can't say much about PvP.
    PvE is done pretty well. Scenarios are just for kicks and giggles. Dungeons and the Heroic versions are fairly easy and Challenge Mode is there for the real, well, challenge.
    Visually the place is stunning.

    Plot wise I am happy to say that there's more emphasis on YOU.
    YOU are the one whom some NPCs confide in. YOU are the 'ambassadorial face' really of the first steps into Pandaria towards the natives. In the culmination of the story that starts once you go into the Valley of the Four Winds (and Krasarang Wilds), it's not you who happens to be holding the line long enough for Bigname McNPC to swoop in to save the day... YOU do the actual big finish.
    That's already a pretty big improvement for this expansion.
    Except for all of the new quests where you are actually not you but somebody you just happened to talk to.

    hehe, jk I agree with your post.

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    8/10 loving it. content aside, love some of the new conveniences. filtering by class, the way loot is distributed, quests rewards for your class, aoe looting and a buch of other little things that just make the game more enjoyable to play

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbombard View Post
    Except for all of the new quests where you are actually not you but somebody you just happened to talk to.

    hehe, jk I agree with your post.
    i really liked the one where you get to snipe the hozen and the one where you get to play as chen
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    Quote Originally Posted by orissa View Post
    Better than Cata so far.

    But I reserve my judgement until I do MV.
    I really liked Cata at start. Well... aside from the levelling (some zones were so tedious...) and I still have very mixed feelings for their reworking of old zones.
    But contentwise I liked it.
    Looked like a good compromise between TBC and WotLK.
    Instances weren't as hard as TBC, but not as faceroll as WotLK either.
    You had to visit an instance first before using the dreaded LFD.
    There were many steps in things to do and T11 was a really awesome tier of content, the best of the expansion.
    From there onwards, everything in Cata has been a small or huge disappointment.

    As for MoP I have to say I'm really surprised. Everything is smooth, levelling is fantastic, so is the setting, the quest, the new cinematics, the dubbings. Levelling is a bit slow maybe, but it will get better with time.
    Dungeons are... uh... I like them, but they're way too easy. At least at start they could have made difference between normal and heroics a little better. Challenge sounds a bit too hard instead, but I like them that way.

    Raiding well, I've onl just experienced the first two bosses of Mogu Shan, and so far so good. Harder than I expected, considering we're talking about normal.

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    Grind dailies grind dailies grind dailies.
    Grind dungeons grind dungeon grind dungeons.

    That has been 95% of my MoP experience thus far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    i really liked the one where you get to snipe the hozen and the one where you get to play as chen
    Yeah I actually loved that whole series, but some of my guildies were complaining about it. To each his own, I thought they were a pretty cool way to tell a story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maelstrom51 View Post
    Grind dailies grind dailies grind dailies.
    Grind dungeons grind dungeon grind dungeons.

    That has been 95% of my MoP experience thus far.
    I still need to get started with dailies.
    So far I've been busy with levelling and getting the minimum necessary ready for raiding.
    I want to finish quests in all zones before I start grinding dailies.

    Has levelling been so fast for you that it only occupied 5% of your time? because so far it's been like... I'd say at least 75% of my experience, and it's been a really enjoyable part, alas a bit slow maybe.
    Questing and the way it branches it's been really awesome, brought me back to TBC days.

    And I agree with Jbombard, I really liked those quests where you get told parts of the story through flashbacks. I found them original and "new". It's pretty hard to give a "fresh" feeling with a quest in a quest-based levelling game like WoW, after 8 years of life, so kudos to Blizzard for having achieved that.

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    I thought Cata was decent when it first came out so im not going to go overboard. Guild is doing first raid tonight so ill reserve my judgement til after then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heringer91 View Post
    I dont like the quests while leveling... at all
    For me it's more the way of questing... 3-4 quests at the time, run back (oh my god I want flying) another 2 quests, next hub.
    Then the small rp things they do made me miss quests over and over again, I don't wait for that, I don't care for lore.
    Let's hope they up the lvling speed for alts because like it is now, there is no way I'm going to lvl up my 6 alts...
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    Raids are fun, not dailies -_-

    I work, and when i come home, i need to do all dailies, farming for cards, hero, its just to much.

    Let's say 7/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xosimos View Post
    MoP initial content was cleared with everyone in Dragon Soul gear, at least in my guild.
    At least the initial dungeons in WotLK was harder than, "Oh he's casting, I better step to the side like I do on all the other boss fights."
    A bit late to this, but they really weren't. The initial WotlK heroics were basically exactly the same if anything; they were aoe'd from the get go.
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    I'ts alright, although i find myself spending all my time on the daily quests and i have no time left for doing hc's pvp and other stuff. Butt that my problem, I can't just stop doing the dailys :S

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    Best expansion since TBC.
    Love it.

    Also the first expansion where almost every area is super-detailed, gorgeous and stunning.

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    Brilliant expansion. Best one yet. There's so much to do, I won't get bored for months. Then a new patch will come out, and there'll be even more to do!

    Yes, a lot of days it's daily grinding. But the dailies switch around, so it doesn't feel like a chore. I get to go out and see all of the world, fly across the entirety of Pandaria, rather than sit in one city queueing for everything.

    The Monk class is so very well designed. There's some issues that need addressing, as with any class, but overall it's very fun. The Pandaren race as well are beautifully designed, so my character looks great.

    The heroics are fun, interesting, yet not a brick wall to smash your face against in PuGs. You do need to pay attention to some things, so it's not completely faceroll, but you should still be ok in PuGs.

    Raids, well, not going into MV yet so can't comment. This Sunday!

    Overall, very happy with the expansion. It's a ton of fun and WoW's best one yet.

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    9.5/10 for me, similar to TBC in some aspects, but with improvements from later expansions.
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    I'm loving it, having a real blast and I'm not even 90 yet!
    Quote Originally Posted by shadowkras View Post

    Also, alextrazsa has the spells Detect Pregnancy and Track Babies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Future View Post
    A bit late to this, but they really weren't. The initial WotlK heroics were basically exactly the same if anything; they were aoe'd from the get go.
    ^ this x 10k
    I remember WotLK initial dungeons to be very easy, at least for players with a bit of experience. Those "trained" by TBC dungeons really had no issues at all.
    I remember a couple of tricky fights (Hall of Lightning? Hall of Storms?) maybe, but in general Heroics were very easy at the beginning of WotLK.
    Maybe a bit harder than MoP's, but still easy.

    Cataclysm's heroics at start instead were much much harder. Not as hard as TBC, but much harder than WotLK and especially MoP.

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    I'd say Cataclysm questing and zones were a lot more interesting and breath-taking than MoP. The quests had major relevance to the overall storyline since vanilla WoW.

    Temple of Kotmogu though is amazing. Cata bgs sucked compared to just that one and I haven't even stepped foot in silvershard mine yet. Dailies I'm meh about. Obviously none of the MoP dailies are at the level of the Molten Front but that's to be expected. I just need to get into the grind mindset. The rewards the new dailies offer are unmatched by anything seen in this game before.

    PvP balance overall seems a lot better than at the start of any other expansion despite the lack of MMR reset. Tweaking is still needed here and there for things like healing and fire/frost mage and warrior burst.

    The dungeons are...interesting to say the least. They're definitely nothing comparable to the tBC dungeons or even WotLK dungeons. Maybe not even the Cataclysm dungeons. But then there's scenarios that I prefer doing anyways so that's great. I'll get around to challenge modes eventually when I at least surpass the ilvl that you're balanced to.

    Haven't touched pet battles yet.

    Lorewise the game is new and completely irrelevant so far to the Warcraft story which is a huge turn off.
    PvP-wise it's looking pretty good but nothing to write home about.
    In all honesty I can't say this is any better than the start of Cataclysm at all (which was great mind you). The coming weeks with new raids may change my mind.
    It all comes down to if the expansion will have true staying power in the long run which is where Cataclysm was horrible.

    I do think though that since they've been attempting to add a "gating" feel to the game again that they'd might as well just flat out add attunements quests back in. Hell, attunement dungeons would be fine too just because LFD is in the game.
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