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    I was very negative towards MoP when it was introduced at first, I thought it would be happy bunnies shitting rainbows and stuff, but I actually found the areas and the story pretty dark. Now I personally never enjoyed questing, but I found that part to be pretty good compared to my expectations. I generally find this expansion to be a lot more interesting than Cataclysm was, I think they spent too much time on revamping the world, which might have been great for new players, but atleast not for me.

    I still have a few complaints though, the heroics are too easy, and there are too many dailies. The way to gain reputation with different factions is much better than WOTLK/Cata where you just threw on a tabard, which was pretty stupid imo.
    I haven't had the chance to raid yet, but from what I've seen from streams it looks pretty interesting, new mechanics, new encounters and stuff... Pretty great.

    PvP is pretty much the same, no real complaints bout that. I'm looking forward to when they release CRZ in the Panda areas, to get a lil world pvp going.

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    Same old Wow for the most part. Leveling was fun at times, but at other times it was the same old boring kill/collect quests but based on doing menial tasks for Pandaren farmers. I said in another thread that for the first 2 zones all I felt like I was doing was jerking off pandas for XP.

    PvP is the same, nothing has changed really. If you liked it in WotLK/Cataclysm you'll like it now, if not, you won't.

    Reputations are quite annoying in my opinion. I miss having heroics/tabard to progress after doing whatever dailies that faction had for the day.

    Heroics are stupid easy.

    Challenge modes are for strictly for vanity so I won't be doing them. You do get some valor for them, but you can do a stomp fest heroic and earn it faster.

    I haven't raided yet, my guild will start that next week. But From what I hear it's pretty much the same, the top end guilds crushed everything in one or two days (regular raid) and the mid range guilds will have the regular stuff done in a few weeks. I suspect heroics will go down rather quickly as well (everything downed by top end guilds with in a week or two) everyone else a month or two.

    Pretty much the same old wow with generally jovial panda people and pokemon.
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    It is the best expansion released so far.

    However I will say there are some balance issues that need to be sorted (tank DPS in particular), and Dread Wastes was probably the sinle worst zone I've ever experienced in WoW - it's either that or silithus i'm not sure which.

    Despite that, it is an amazing expansion. I would think that anyone who has ever enjoyed WoW would enjoy it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThisWillNotStand View Post
    OP don't take anyone who gives WOTLK low scores seriously, those are people who don't know what Warcraft should be about. WOTLK was a 11/10 except for the way they dealt with the LK at the end, which was a total downer.

    I played the new expansion on a friend's computer, it really has nothing of the Warcraft feel in terms of story. You do a bunch of weird stuff for forgettable characters in a setting that feels completely copy pasted out of Asian culture, and every now and again they give you this totally Warcraft style event or quest that just doesn't fit with the rest of the crap.

    PVP is the same. People don't know how to play so you spend your time buying new keyboards and screens after you make one and the other meet every few days. Blizzard still doesn't seem to have the time to make small 2 minute tuturials in-game to teach people how to play, like they did in Global Agenda. I guess it takes "too many ressources" out of their precious cocaine snorting time on their luxury yachts and company trips to Vegas.

    The environment is nice but once again there's plenty of re-used models and the few new models are also constantly re-used, as for weapon and armor models there's maybe 1-2 sets per class that has anything to it, you'll soon be transmogrifying everything to your favorite pre-BC tier or whatever.

    A forgettable expansion, hopefully we'll get to forget about it soon when they announce something with more common sense at the next Blizzcon.

    I saw no future for pandaren in Warcraft lore ever since the Warcraft 3 joke, and I see even less now, if that's possible.
    i just cant take what you say seriously especially with that avatar
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    I'm surprised by how much I like it. It returned a lot of my faith in Blizzard's understanding of "good" gaming. It's fun, it has a lot for max levels to do, and there's variable things to do. I haven't even gotten on any of my other characters yet!

    edit: I do agree that Dread wastes is not my favorite zone, at all, period. reminds me of twilight highlands, only worse.
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    I love it. So far, not counting the little bugs I find here and there, I haven't found anything wrong with it. I love ancient Chinese/Japanese culture so that's one of the big factors for me loving it so much. The quests are so story driven it's amazing. I love the cutscenes you get for some quests they're really awesome. The music is probably my favorite expansion music in WoW. The characters are really cool especially Chen Stormstout. The environment is just beautiful. I love being a Pandaren Monk they're really fun. I love the new talents and how the talent tree is setup. I was skeptical at first with the talent tree but I actually like it better than the older one, much simpler and there's no worrying about choosing the wrong one it's whatever you think sounds the most fun.

    Everything is awesome in this expansion. I said before this was coming out that this might be my most favorite expansion out of all of them even more than BC and I was right, it is my most favorite.

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    Mists of Pandaria is 100% AWESOME! :-D

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    Ironic that the last few posts are disliking the Dread Wastes. I actually like it. The Klaxxi story is kind of interesting and I like how the zones ties in with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faroth View Post
    Ironic that the last few posts are disliking the Dread Wastes. I actually like it. The Klaxxi story is kind of interesting and I like how the zones ties in with it.
    I found the Klaxxi's story interesting but it just felt like the zone itself was kind of disorganized in a levelling questing sense.
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    I was going to say i love it, but since you said " be 100% honest" fine i hate it, why would i like good story, a amazing landscape, interesting people, fun quest's and a really nice end game. Yes i like it, PvP is really fun right now, and the same with the Hc's i love it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faroth View Post
    Ironic that the last few posts are disliking the Dread Wastes. I actually like it. The Klaxxi story is kind of interesting and I like how the zones ties in with it.
    I agree. Dread Wastes has been my favouruite of the expansion so far precisely because it reminds me of silithus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Normal should be reduced in difficulty. Heroic should be reduced in difficulty.
    And the tiny fraction for whom heroic raids are currently well tuned? Too bad,so sad! With the arterial bleed of subs the fastest it's ever been, the vanity development that gives you guys your own content is no longer supportable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atrahasis View Post
    I agree. Dread Wastes has been my favouruite of the expansion so far precisely because it reminds me of silithus.
    I didn't like Silithus all that much, but my low level druid recently finished doing all the quests there. Gotta get that Cenarion Circle rep up. Not enough to wear the Guardian of Cenarius title, I want my alt to EARN it! Hahaha

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    PVE Balance: 6/10
    PVE Difficulty compared to WOTLK Difficulty: 4/10 (actually easier)
    Story Depth: 3/10 (other than Anduin and Wrathion its trash. Sha are not an original concept and Blizzards use of them is mediocre.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanaubia View Post
    PvE = blizzard said challenge modes will be the hardest content in game and looking at guys who stream those like sco they look pretty easy... norlams and heroics are just joke
    Guys who stream are usually REALLY good players. So you argument is invalid. These are players from top guilds, not you average guild.

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    Story (10/10) I love the new zones, and the story goes very smooth.
    Sound (10/10) The sounds and music match very good
    Instance (10/10) Having normal mode when leveling, and heroic when 90
    be easy is great since these will most likly just be grind
    for gear to enter Raids, not for the challage or to stroke
    my ego that other should not be as powerful as me. The addition
    of Challage mode make it better, becaue if I want a challage
    I could anytime.
    Graphics (9/10) Not the best but the new zones looks very nice.
    Others (8/10) The dailys are annoying for people with alts, and the jp per
    instance is insanely dumb. Takes way too long to get anything,
    and yet by the time you make enough JP the gear isn't wroth getting.

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    Very impressed with the raiding so far (just cleared MV normal and have seen the other 2 raids on beta). My guild can't wait for next week.

    Very much looking forward to challenge modes; can't even believe they introduced challenging 5 mans. I used to not give a crap about 5 mans after the first week or two in an expansion.

    Scenarios are disappointing. I understand that the target audience is casual, not necessarily wanting to rely on healer/tank friends etc., but the niche seems too narrow and the rewards not really worth it (esp. with heroic dungeons now being 'normal' difficulty). Also, I thought they'd be integrated into the world for some reason but they're not.

    I know a growing number of people who originally crapped all over pet battles but who are growing addicted. I guess Pokeman grew popular for a reason in the first place.

    Can't comment on PvP. I'm sure things are imbalanced early on.

    Overall, really enjoying it so far and particularly happy with the quantity and quality of raiding.
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    Rep grind 10/10 - Not boring at all. I liked all of them, except some of the Klaxxi. Really fast and easy. I spend less than 1 hour to do all of them. You're not forced to do it, cause we're at the beginning and LFR and Heroic will give players an alternative from dailies.

    Leveling Experience 9/10 - Since WotLK, I couldn't experience an awesome leveling. Even rushing to 90, I enjoyed every single quest, from gather 10 <objects> to epic events with cinematic. Only Valley of Four Winds I didn't get the relevance of this zone. Farmville isn't my thing.

    - Experience 10/10: Just, awesome dungeons with awesome design and story. Nothing to say. I love each one of them (specially Gate of the Setting Sun. That wall exploding is epic)
    - Dificulty (6/10): Normal modes I thought it would be that way, but heroics isn't heroic anymore. I mean, they have been done like normal dungeons, sometimes simply ignoring the addtional skills and mechanics. So, the sad point of dungeons is Heroics being easy as normal.

    - Too soon to tell, but from a few tries and reading journal I can say raids seem to be well designed and fun.

    - Lore 10/10: Impressive story with many little story that will merge into the big one.

    - Don't know, I don't PvP.

    Note: Im not a fan boy, I really hated cataclysm and MoP gave that excitement of playing the game (wich I was boring all the Cata exp duration) again.
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    Put it this way, it's the first time in a long time that i've been wanting to play WoW for fun, rather than to just grind achievements cause I have nothing else to do.

    I give it an 8.5 or a 9.

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    In some regards better than cata, in many other regards the worst expansion to date. I've listed the reasons why before but I was infracted for it, I guess criticising WoW is not tolerated here. Generally the game has shifted massively away from being a sandbox game - huge emphasis on daily quests, dungeons and raids are more linear, bosses tell you exactly what to do during a fight, pvp has been homogenised and dumbed down. I get pissed off when I log in because I feel like I'm a rat running on a wheel, doing exactly what blizzard want me to do. I can't make money from old raids anymore, I can't create original specs, I have less diversity in playstyles. For some people I suppose they like being told what to do, but for me I'm out.

    What makes me sad is that I bought MoP WANTING to play it, I really want to play. I just hate how blizzard have pushed people like me away, and I'm not the only one, most forums other than MMO-champion tend to side with my point of view.

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