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    I have logged on every night and done something. Pet Battles, Achievements, Heroics (without feeling like we will wipe 80% of the time), Dailies, or even just leveling stuff on my little farm (just got the sprinkler installed, woo!)

    I have not had this much fun in the game for a long time. I am excited to log on when I get home again, rather then log off after 30 minutes due to frustration. It will be even better when the reputation changes go through and I can viably start leveling some alts.

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    Probably an 8 or an 8.5.
    Blizzard made nodes spawn like mad so grinding for mats isn't as annoying as before and leveling professions is much easier than current expansions. Also fishing can now be leveled over the course of a few weeks by doing dailies instead of outright fishing. Difficulty was added to the more desired crafting items by making them require spirits of harmony... although these are obtained by various means out in the world. Cooking has been altered so that it requires more depth and has more options. It is now difficult to level cooking without using the farm "mini game" of sorts. But, players that would rather grind it out can use ironpaw tokens to buy ingredients. The specializations make players think about what path to go down first even though they do get lesser buffs for the entire group.

    I was all out laughing at some of the quests and even though I had doubts about the feel of the dread waste zone after doing tao long steppes I was pleasantly surprised by the twists. The lorewalker scrolls scattered across MoP help reveal the story of the land more and give those interested in lore something to hunt down. (currently I'm trying not to cheat and check a guide) With "hidden treasure" we are encouraged to check every abandoned shack and every corner of each zone. These rewards can be passed on to our other characters to ease the leveling experience. Rares have much shorter respawn times making it much more worth players time to check their spawn points and a good portion of the rares drop unique items that are both fun and rewarding.

    Dungeons: Although some of them do not really have any new interesting encounters, some of them have altered or unique mechanics that haven't been present in the past. Heroics were tuned down a little to compensate for no max level normal modes, but this gets people into the heroic grind without a normal mode gear grind. The dungeons are also mostly in the new mists of pandaria content area and often enact conflicts openly happening in the real world (siege of temple, gate of setting sun). Can't speak for the raid yet as my guild only had six level 90's at the beginning of the week.

    Class Balance: it's hard to judge without having done extensive raiding so I wont give a comment on this yet. I will say that the altered play style of healing is taking some getting used to. Not having that great of gear I don't count on spirit allowing me to regen any significant amount of mana during a fight and have to ration it throughout the course of the battle.

    PvP Balance: Although I do love to pvp it is often something I immerse myself in once I have finished fleshing out the pve content a bit so I can't give a good review of it at this time.

    Art Design: Beautiful structures, interesting locations within zones. Although not every moment is a "omg look at that" moment MoP is very easy on the eyes. The new faction shrines are very convenient and done without feeling too cluttered. Lots of extra npcs/houses/objects have been added for the site seeker to go out and discover.

    Pretty solid game overall. Although as many have said: How blizzard does releasing the patches will tell if the game will continue to do well. The biggest threat to the player base is when things lose their glossy sheen and begin to feel old again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atrahasis View Post
    You can't be serious. You find the lvl 90 "heroics" harder than in wrath? Dude I've been tanking them in with ilvl 378 shoulders. It requires less thought than wrath. Which is to say NONE.
    You might be blinded by the past, but Wotlk heroics was just as easy as these. Tanking them with ilvl 378 shoulders is nothing compared to what you could do with TBC gear in Wotlk. Naxx was first cleared in Sunwell gear and T6, and same thing for heroics. It was pitiful. Sadly, they pulled it again.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThisWillNotStand View Post
    OP don't take anyone who gives WOTLK low scores seriously, those are people who don't know what Warcraft should be about. WOTLK was a 11/10 except for the way they dealt with the LK at the end, which was a total downer.
    Boy I think I know what Warcraft is all about more than you do. It's Warcraft, it's about Horde vs Alliance, not bashing some weak prick who thinks he can shit while he gets his ass kicked 4 times and ultimately dying due to the weakest plan in Warcraft history. Sacrifing ALL of his damn minions to try and raise 10 (or 25) adventurers while he keeps the wielder of the Ashbringer alive right behind him.

    The dungeons were just as easy as now, the raids were even easier than the normal dungeons, forgettable zones like Sholazar, Grizzly Hills, whatever that eastern place with the vrykul was called and Boring Tundra. Icecrown only hold credibility because its name is important in the lore, and Storm Peaks was the only good zone, which I have to admit could very well be the best zone in the game.

    2 new bosses at release with 12 rehashed bosses. Another raid in the middle of it that included 6 filler bosses that you had to do 4 times a week, and two big raids with atleast 6 filler bosses too, I'd go as far as saying only LK mattered in ICC. All of them you could fall asleep doing and wake up 3 hours later to have the raid completed for you. Only difference with heroics this time around is that we don't have pain-in-the-ass heroics like Halls of Lightning, Stone and Reflection, Pit of Saron, Forge of Souls, An'kahet and Utgarde Pinnacle, which weren't even hard, just time consuming and frustrating.

    And what do you mean with the way they dealt with LK at the end? It was probably his best moment, which is really sad. He was a big pile of unthreatening poop all through the expansion, getting his ass kicked continously. His lines were ripped straight from some 1960 Spiderman villain while his voice was that of Dr. Claw's from Inspector Gadget. They also further ruined Anub'arak and Kel'thuzad by fucking their voices up, and fucking up Anub'arak every way possible.

    I don't see how that outdoes the Horde and Alliance war, I'm sorry, but you're not really getting what Warcraft is about. It's not about taking down the big bad, it's about two factions clashing against each other, Mists gets that right waaaaay more than Wrath's very rubbish lore did.

    Also, the fact that you said you had only tried Mists on a friend's computer puts your opinion at question big time.

    Quote Originally Posted by lolpve View Post
    Generally the game has shifted massively away from being a sandbox game - huge emphasis on daily quests, dungeons and raids are more linear, bosses tell you exactly what to do during a fight, pvp has been homogenised and dumbed down.
    It never was a sandbox game, that's games like Minecraft. WoW have never been a sandbox game, there's always been a linear path as to what you're supposed to do in the game, started with downing Ragnaros, and then they've just expanded.
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    Honestly, I love this game.

    I hate all the bitching about every little tiny thing. Every little tiny bug, or slight nerf, or gating. Every dungeon they have to run, every piece of loot that is not dropping, Every rep they have to grind. Every class that can do more damage then them, Every OP pvp thing, every complaint about cross realms.
    I'm sick of hearing it and it has actually lead me to stay away from the forums because I am tired of it clogging up these boards.

    9.5/10 And Only because I have been enjoying myself in so many of the areas of the game that I have yet to experience so of the new things ( Monks, Pet battles, Challenge modes, Pandas.)

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    It's fresh.
    It's vast.
    It's solid.
    It's varied.
    It's charming and challenging.

    I dig it more than any previous expack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wariofan1 View Post
    You might be blinded by the past, but Wotlk heroics was just as easy as these. Tanking them with ilvl 378 shoulders is nothing compared to what you could do with TBC gear in Wotlk. Naxx was first cleared in Sunwell gear and T6, and same thing for heroics. It was pitiful. Sadly, they pulled it again.
    No these are much easier. Seriously. WOTLK was easy no argument there but these are literaly normal mode dungeons in wotlk. Theirs nothing heroic about them in the slightest. They got rid of nomral modes so the "heroics" became normal dungeons.
    The hammer comes down:
    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Normal should be reduced in difficulty. Heroic should be reduced in difficulty.
    And the tiny fraction for whom heroic raids are currently well tuned? Too bad,so sad! With the arterial bleed of subs the fastest it's ever been, the vanity development that gives you guys your own content is no longer supportable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xosimos View Post
    PVP Balance: N/A (I dont PvP)

    PVE Balance: Seems fairly balanced, can still use a little work.

    PVE Difficulty: 3. Easier than WotLK, until you get to the endless rep grinding, which are easy, just REALLY annoying.

    Story Depth: 9. I didn't read most of the quests, but of the ones that I did read I loved it, along with the cut scenes.

    Im sorry. Are you talking about quests? Because Mogushan Vaults is hard as hell right now. The healing requirements are outstanding. Nothing in Wrath normal raiding was anywhere near this level of difficulty.

    Im not saying Mogushan is the hardest raid ever released, but its nowhere NEAR a pushover.

    OT: Hands down my favorite expansion. The best work Blizzard has ever released to date in my opinion.

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    A good 8 for now. Havn't yet raided and pvped. I like running dailies non-stop and then craft stuff.

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    I'm very sceptical, and Not gonna hang around hoping for the grass is greener. Break time inc, and then I'll see if I can bother return within 1 month, or longer time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orlong View Post
    It doesnt destroy the land to bury styrofoam 25 feet below the ground
    Today Obama once again kneeled at the altar of environmental naziism and hurt this once great country. He has now banned all drilling in the Atlantic Ocean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buxton McGraff View Post
    I know a lot of people will overhype a game that they like and that they want to do well. I don't want anybody to lie, I don't want anybody to exaggerate, and I don't want anybody to troll. I just want your 100% honest opinion on how MoP is so far. Please rate the following categories on a scale of 1/10. 1 being worst, and 10 being best.
    PVP Balance
    PVE Balance
    PVE Difficulty compared to WOTLK Difficulty (1 being way easier, 10 being way harder, 5 being about the same)
    Story Depth (With 1 being boring and 10 being interesting, and gripping) (Does the PVE content relate to, and bolster the story line?)
    Havent done much PVP so i wont say anything about that.

    PVE difficulty in heroic 5 man dungeons is close to Wrath. Challenge modes dungeon are Cata difficulty or a little harder, getting gold in them is quite a feat.

    Initial raid is harder than Naxx, close to Ulduar in difficulty but in my opinion not as epic in environment as Ulduar was.

    Healing balance in PVE is better than initial Cata, not perfect but that would be asking for too much.

    Leveling is interesting, a little over use in cinematics for my taste, but a couple intesresting quests (including sniper type, shooting big squids from a boat, etc).

    Justice points are almost worthless right now which is a minus for me.

    I'm having fun so far, definitely far better than Cata, it can be improved as always.

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    Very good expansion imo. There is tons to do and it is fun. Raid bosses are really fun and dungeons are short and sweet. Finally got time to really put effort into my pet battles today and loving it so far. The only thing I haven't done yet is challenge modes which I will try this weekend and im super stoked for them

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    It's the first expansion that makes me feel bad for not having enough time to be playing it all the time.

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    I like it so far. For some reason dailies dont feel that much of a chore as before. Heroics are almost too easy, but some of the bosses have interesting abilities. Haven't been able to raid. PvP feels like a mess, too much cc that feels like its not on dr, mages/spriests are almost broken op. The leveling while a little slow and heavy at times its nice. I liked many of the stories that the game presents you. I love the harvest moon part and while I've been able to stay away from pokemon its addicting and strangely fun.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that I really hate the lack of dungeons while lvling 4 of them is very sad.

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    I like the new HC dungeons.

    Scenarios are just alright and I still haven't tried pet battles yet.

    Dailies for me are just torture and may make me take a little break until Blizz changes the need to do them.

    Haven't tried a raid yet unless the Sha of Anger counts?

    Questing was boring and tedious, I have no interest in the story and I never have done, I have always only been interested in end game content so I got to 90 as quick as i could. I felt it took too long.

    I lost interest in PVP back in Cata so I have only tried a teency bit, seemed alright.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zypherz View Post
    Put it this way, it's the first time in a long time that i've been wanting to play WoW for fun, rather than to just grind achievements cause I have nothing else to do.

    I give it an 8.5 or a 9.
    Exactly how I'm feeling. Before MoP lauch I had about half a year during which I didn't practically log in to WoW at all even though I had annual pass. Now I can't get enough of it again.

    Leveling and the enviroment all together is imo the best Blizzard has done so far. Also I'd really recommend playing to game sound/music on at least on character because the sound work is simply beatiful. It's weird but I'm probably most interested in the game world since vanilla in MoP, both TBC and WotLK felt kinda like you had been already spoilered on what was gonna happen and Cata was just all over the place. MoP lore on the other hand just feels fresh.

    I loved hitting lvl 90 and having half a dozen different factions open up, just felt like the game world didn't "stop moving" with your character being level capped. Especially since I'm currently not able to do regular raiding like I've done since vanilla. If you don't like dailies though you would probably feel differently. Anyway overall the best single thing is just that there are TONS of things to do. MoP is definitely the most content rich expansion so far.

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    I like it. Healing always sucks the first tier of an expansion so im ignoring that. The part i really hate is having to do 35 fucking daillies a day.

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    as for pvp, I havent played pvp in mists yet so I dont know.

    pve: its only been 3 days and I've only raided once in those days. I like mogushanvaults, it is nice to look at, not too much unnecessary trash, fun mechanics so far but I havent seen enough of it to make a proper judgement. I believe its a little easier in the beginning than cata was. Not very fond of that. I would have liked the normal bosses to be tougher.

    story line and questing areas are big in mists. I really like it. The dailies dont feel as dumb as in wotlk but not all that much better than cata. I think questing has reached a high standard in WoW and the balance between challenge and rewards as well as necessity and time seems fair.

    basically I just want really good raiding content, thats what I expect from mists. so far my expectations havent been met but I havent seen everything yet.

    I'd rate it a 7 out of 10 overall. can get higher or drop lower depending on how the next weeks go

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    The raids are really good even if we are only able to clear normal modes so far they give quite a good challenge. The heroics are really easy and i like them because having one-shoot mechanics and being dependent on random people is a bad combo. I have only tried one or two challenge modes but they feel very hard and is like 5 man raiding

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    It's the most refreshing take on WoW in a long, long time.
    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Gold and the 'need' for it in-game is easily one of the most overblown mindsets in this community.

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