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    Post Timewarper Azmion Silvers (Dragon Name: Azmodion) [BIO]

    Name: Azmion Silvers
    Age: 45 (Frozen in time since the Dark Portal)
    Race: Dragonkin/Human
    Gender: Male
    Class: Timewarper

    Languages: Draconic, Common

    Faction: The Time-frozen (Subsection of the Infinite Dragons)

    Personality: Filled with nothing but pure evil. His only intentions are to revive his old legion of the Time-Frozen, a small, former group of Dragonkin who wanted to stop time permanently. He is loyal towards the Infinte Dragonflight, and his Group.

    Likes/Dislikes: Loyalty to the Time-Frozen will make him do anything it takes to aid them, even if it means his own death. Anyone who attempts to stop them, he shall destroy. Other then that, he has none.

    Appearance: [Human Form]: A tall, white-haired man with a long beard. His crimson hood covers up his balding head, obviously not cut in days, stretching as far as his neck. Not the most appealing, but he doesn't usually remove his hood. He wears a simple red robe, with a thick linen rope wrapped around his waist. He carries a black staff, with a silver hilt, and a floating arcane crystal on the tip.
    [Dragonkin Form]: Usual appearence of a Dragonkin Magus, but with blood red scales, and glowing red eyes. His apparel is similar to his human form robes, and still sports the long, white beard. Unlike most Infinite Dragonkin, he has silver scales, instead of black.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: His strengths are his wide inventory of Shadow, Fire and Arcane spells. As a Timewarper, he knows most of the mentioned types of spells, which can hinder attackers preformance. Some powerful spells, though, like Shadow Blast and Flame Strike, take a long time to cast, taking 10-20 seconds, wheras some weaker spells, such as Arcane Bolt, are fast and efficient spells, which he will use most of the time. He has the ability to freeze time for a short while, which will result in Azmodion's wounds to be healed, but can be stopped if you have quick reflexes. Even after the Time Freeze, he will be too tired to cast for a while, which will be a perfect time to strike.

    History: Azmodion, during the times before the Dark Portal, was a powerful Timewarper, a heroic icon of the Time-Frozen. He trained with Dragonkin Trainee's, teaching them all he knew, and all they should know, on the Azuremyst Island. The Time-Frozen had a devious plan, a plan to freeze time permanently. They rallied up the Four greatest Time-Freezers; Velmondiar, Melovian (The Timelord of the Time-Frozen), Garlozan and Azmodion, and brought them all to Blasted Lands, a desert place where nobody shall interrupt their great ritual. Together, the Time-Freezers channeled their power into one singular entity, which, in 2 hours, would create the Orb of Time, a powerful gem which had the potential to freeze time forever. After 30 minutes of channeling, the Dark Portal was being opened nearby, and as it was being opened, a blast of demonic energy blasted out, and landed near the Time-Freezer's Ritual, weakening them all. Azmodion, having the most energy, crawled over to the gem, realizing it had enough energy to freeze one entity in time for a limited time. Melovian told Azmodion to freeze himself in time, and start over. When Azmodion asked why, Melovian told him to just do it, so, without hesitation, Azmodion froze himself in time. After many years of being frozen, he finally unfroze, and everything was different. The ritual ground was nothing but dust, no reminder of what had happened. Azmodion decided to teleport back home. But the area of his old home had been taken over by the Draenei. Saddened, Azmodion drudged off, wondering his purpose for being frozen. That was when the Spirit of Melovian invaded his vision. Melovian told him that he must become a Magus in Stormwind, aiding the Alliance however he could, and in time, all will be revealed. Azmodion, not to dissapoint his leader, took on his Human Form and took the persona of Azmion Silvers, a Magus of the Alliance. He joined the Alliance Army, and is now in Pandaria, awaiting another vision of his former leader, to tell him of his fate, and the reason he is there.

    OOC Info:
    - For the life of me, I couldn't figure out the best way to describe him other then a Dragonkin Magus. Hard to explain.
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    I'm confused.

    You need to be way, way more specific with him. What is he, a member of the bronze dragonflight? The fact that he deals heavily with time suggests he is a bronze dragon of some description and yet you never come out and say it. In fact, you go on to describe him as red. His name and the names of the others you mentioned are also not consistent with the Bronze Dragonflight. You only vaguely refer to him as dragonkin once or twice; even the flightless variety of dragonkin belong to a flight. Infinite?

    Or did you just make up a flight on the spot?

    You need to really elaborate. Way, way too vague.

    Personality: A caring soul, filled with nothing but pure evil.
    ...er? You mistype that?

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    I was just thinking that.. o_O. I took like, three minutes of my time to proof-read this BIO like, four times, and pointed that all out before I was even halfway done the first attempt. The 'mistype' with his personality is kind of disturbing. Does he care for nothing but pure evil? ;3
    The vagueness of description is kind of obvious, as well. I know, I am probably just repeating every word Synaxis said, but it's like, 4 AM here, and I have been awake since at least five o'clock this morning. I'm just really, really tired, and can't help but point out everything Syn already has. This character, however, could have a LOT of potential, if saved from its imminent doom. Don't let the vortex swallow it... Lol.
    Good night. ;3
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    This went better then expected. It should be edited a couple minutes after your done reading this.
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