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    [Music] House music!


    I guess it's time , I've seen quite a few house music listener around here, and I feel bad there's no thread (excepting the "now playing" and "rate the song" ones) where we can post/discuss this genre and it's subgenres.

    ...drink in hand, great company all around, and the most classy, relaxing, laid back house music filling the air all around you in a dimly lit but colorful modern room. Laughter circles the table with the one of your closest friend's jokes, and the house is kicked back, relaxing, enjoying a stress free evening together as one. A beautiful, charming young lady by your side, elegantly dressed and completely engrossed in your company.

    What sounds like a perfect night out on the town is brought together by one common element no matter which lounge you visit--the music!

    What is slowly emerging onto the mainstream scene (with the wave of electronic music) is that very same music that makes you feel as if there isn't a care in the world--because all you need is right there with you. You're calm, you're enlightened, and you're simply enjoying life for what it has to offer.

    THAT, my friend, is the true beauty of house music. So come on over, grab a seat, grab a drink, and lets venture deeper into the melody

    I'll start off with some new-ish songs I really like:

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    This pretty much sums up house music for me:

    Four to the floor beats, piano riffs, vocal lifts, feel good rhythms and everyone dancing along.

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