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    [Anime] Most "normal" Female anime character?

    If you've been following anime I'm sure you are well aware of how many female characters tend to be portrayed as either a walking pile of breasts or a moron. I am sure some people know what moe is....

    However every so often you may find a female character who seems normal and not what a women typically is like in an anime.

    My question is: In your opinion who is the most "normal" Female anime character? Who defies the stereotype of women in anime?

    I'll start: I think that Maka From Soul Eater is the most normal character I have yet to see. She has a real personality, isn't a brain-dead idiot on screen, and faces actual problems that she must overcome.

    so who do you believe is the most normal female anime character?

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    watch fate stay night . . . i think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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    Sakura from Naruto, specifically Shipuuden when she gets over her whole "more interested in boys than anything" mentality. Also, the neighbor from Full Metal Alchemist, and the girlfriend from Yu Yu Hakusho. (I can't remember names and am too lazy to Google.)
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    She's the smartest person in the show, and shes not just tits.

    And pretty much the entire cast of Madoka besides Madoka, because she's a useless piece of shit. Besides when she turns into a god

    Second comment got it right too, Saber from Fate is a pretty good example of that.

    These look like real girls too.
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    Ayana Kakinozaka

    She creates a serious problem for the MC and tries to right her wrong above all else.

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    don't lie, they're probably all insane cat girl maids if I actually watch the show

    can't fool me!

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    It's ... really hard to find a non-sexualized female character. It's practically a law to make all female characters non-threatening to potential male viewers (outside such series where the threat of the female is the basis of the entire show - Higurashi no naku koro ni, for example). Not having to take them seriously because of breasts or mental or emotional deficiency are apparently quite effective.

    I'll recommend Kino's Journey.

    There are other female characters I enjoy, ones with a brain and or a deeper personality than many shows offer, but I can't claim they don't have boobs going for them (Ghost in the Shell, for instance, or Mezzo).

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    Orihime Inoue, of course. She's the brains of the show.

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    Misaki Kirihara from Darker than Black... pretty much a competent wallflower

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skelington View Post
    Ayana Kakinozaka

    She creates a serious problem for the MC and tries to right her wrong above all else.
    breasts being bigger than her head... and this is your most normal!?

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    Jealous and bi polar. Pretty much fits the criteria.

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    I'd say in matter of relationship and how she puts herself in the show I'd say Rukia from bleach is pretty decent. She interacts normal with other people insted of being the typicial anime girl...I'm sure there are others, but only Rukia jumps to mind.

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    C'mon guys, we have to go old school for this. Naussica all the way. Sure, she's a princess and kicks some ass here and there, but she bleeds the same as everyone else. I always thought she was very well drawn and written.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Draqson View Post

    breasts being bigger than her head... and this is your most normal!?
    Yes. We look like this in real life too, only 3d and gross.

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    I feel like Skelington should spend more time in /a/. Or less.. I'm really not sure.
    What's /a/?

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    The Major from Ghost in the Shell. Once you get past the robot part..

    I'd also say that Faye qualifies. She's kind of incompetent but I'm sure there are TONS of women just like her running around in the real world. She's kind of slutty but it's woven into her character beyond "HEY LOOK TITS!"
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    Tsukimi from Kuragehime.

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    What's /a/?
    If you're not kidding (not sure...) then I think Christmas is about to come early for you.
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    Off the top of my head, maybe somebody like Kanae Sumida (5cm Per Second):

    I think she's very human and is presented as such. A very sympathetic character. God! I hate that beautiful movie! QQ

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    Nadeko Sengoku

    She's pretty average, especially later on in the monogatari's.
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    If you're not kidding (not sure...) then I think Christmas is about to come early for you.
    Wow, that place is disturbing. Is it like a board of debaucherous pedophiles and fetishists or something? They're all so mean to each other.
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